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I am considering homeschooling my daughter for Kindergarten. The reason is that she's born 11 days after the cut off date and I am 80 % sure she will ready when next year comes around. Can I "circumvent" the cut off date by this? Or should I just consider early entrance testing?
I think composite is a good compromise between amalgam and ceramic.
Quote: Originally Posted by philomom You know, my dh and I talk about this from time to time but we both believe that if a man would not support you fully during labor... maybe you shouldn't be bearing his children. Haven't we given all to our hubbies when they have been sick/injured or in pain? Why shouldn't we expect them to do the same for us? Labor support is much more complicated than feeding chicken soup to a male with a case of man flu....
Do it for a few more weeks without making it an issue. Then proclaim one day he'll be wiping himself now. I'm sure it will get boring really soon waiting on the toilet. This is if he's physically able to wipe of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by slm21bl Opps, he is almost 4. I have tried taking him once in a while (5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins) but he starts yelling & tries to run everytime. I don't want to make it a bad experience. I know he has control. He has held twice now from about 10am to 7pm. He peed once yesterday standing up & he was so happy. I praised him & gave him a fudge pop as a special treat. I've offered a fudge pop again & he acted he didn't hear me. It...
First of all, yes, the weight gain is normal. Secondly, sugar may or may not affect her, at the very least I don't believe there's a connection between feeling tired and eating sugar. I'd look at her bed time and sleep, I know my daughter likes staying up late to read and talk on the phone. It's normal for teens to crave the fattiest, sugar laden nasty food...and they can eat it,too, as their calorie need is high enough to allow for it. I would start restricting in...
Sounds like hyperhydrosis. Order yourself some Odaban, it's expensive but it works.
Acne isn't caused by bad hygiene or a bad diet as is often assumed. It's a hormonal problem. You could try hormonal birth control or accutane if it's very bad. Topical treatments only treat the symptom, not the cause. You should try avoiding skin irritation, so don't use very harsh treatments incl scrubs. Baking soda is a very good exfoliater and also increases blood flow which is helpful for those "underground" pimples to form a head and die off. Disinfect single...
I actually like Dora , I think it's one of the better cartoons out there. More emphasis on fun and only a subtle morale, overly educational shows really annoy me. I recommend the new Christmas movie to everyone, it's hilarious and I had no problem watching it with her because the story was so entertaining.
Yes, it is standard and there's no also no evidence that it advances children academically in the long run.
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