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  Also Ashkenazi Jewish (and so is DH) so we're exempt from this issue... but instead, we get to argue over which of our beloved deceased gets the honor. {{bangs head in wall}}    I'm not a fan of parents and children sharing first names. I know it's my cultural bias speaking, but it just bothers me - like a PP said, it's like the child doesn't get to have their own identity. And Thomas isn't one of those names with multiple nickname options. (One of my friends has a FIL,...
I'm 13 weeks pg with my second baby. I hope to VBAC this time (DD #1 was an emergency c-section b/c her heart rate crashed and wasn't rebounding).  At my NT scan, I found out that my placenta is anterior again. Is it possible to prevent acreta while pg?    Not sure if this matters, but my DD was 15 months old when I got pg again. If this baby arrives on/around the EDD, she will be exactly two when her brother or sister is born. 
Asking for a friend that lives in Queens... she'd prefer a group in Queens or Manhattan, though Long Island is an option too.    What's a good mw group and a hospital with a natural childbirth approach for a VBAC birth?    Thanks in advance!
I went to college in Binghamton, worked in the school system, and my FBIL grew up in the area.    IMO I liked Vestal best. It is pretty rural, and a lot of the economy is dependent on the college. Are you looking to rent or buy? Housing is inexpensive (esp compared to the NYC area). You can get a lot of house for your money. The Binghamton SD is large, with multiple elementary and middle schools, and two large high schools. Very mixed bag of kids.    Good luck...
I've been a SAHM since my daughter was born. I planned to go back to work in Sept (I'm a teacher) but I got pg again.    Most days I like it. DH's "Honey Do" list is shorter b/c I can run errands during the day. I like being the one to take care of DD on a daily basis and see her milestones as they're happening. I meet up with friends that are also SAHMs, which is always fun. I write for an online mommy website to keep my brain engaged.    Giving up my paycheck...
  Well said. 
I always offer people food when they come to my house.    Are you having a homebirth? That's a different list of questions than a birthing center or hospital-based MW.    How long have they been practicing? How many births have they attended?  How'd you get into midwifery?  What is your c-section rate? What is their philosophy on: all the prenatal testing, sonograms, childbirth classes, pain relief during birth, episotomy, low-dose pitocin... When will...
I don't think so, but I've only had one child so far and my mother had 4. She had a wide range of births (I was an all day, all night, intervention heavy birth. My sister arrived after a drug-free 4 hour labor and a few pushes. My brothers' births were somewhere in the middle). My daughter was an all day, all night, eventual emergency c-section.
This baby only seems to like carbs and cheese. I've been eating mac and cheese, grilled cheese, polenta, & cheese on crackers. I eat other things too, but I feel miserably sick afterwards. Sweet things make me sick too... but ice cream is mysteriously ok. Hormones are strange lol.
Great thread! DH and I have been married for 4 years (our anniversary is 5/25). We've been together for 9. He and I live together with our 17 month-old DD in NY. We also have a cat.
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