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Personally, no. DD1's birth was an emergency C. This baby was an unexpected blessing, and I got pg when DD1 was 15 months old. My cousin has three boys, and her oldest was 3.5 when the youngest was born, all by c-section.    Not to say that there aren't people that have later fertility problems. Is there an ICAN chapter near you? Those ladies would definitely be able to point you in the right direction. 
I'd skip the Bjorn. Not great for your back or for wearing a baby for long periods of time.    I have a Baby Ktan sling. It's similar to the Moby but w/o all the pesky wrapping. It was a lifesaver with DD1 and I'm glad I have it for this baby. I just bought an Ergo b/c it got rave reviews. 
  I get the RRL tea, plain. I add honey and some lemon on my own, but it's really good and doesn't need to be doctored much. When I buy the teapot size bags, I get 4 large bags per package. 
I'm right there with you. DD was 27 hours of back labor that ended in a crash c-section under anesthesia. I think everyone in our families except DH think I'm reckless for even attempting a VBAC. Part of me is dreading this birth, and part of me is weirdly excited about it. I was robbed of so much with DD: I didn't get to hear her first cry or even meet her until she was 5 hours old. I'm praying that this birth goes differently.    As for the balancing two kids... I...
The first time, my midwife told me to call when contractions were steadily 5 mins apart for an hour and/or if my water breaks. 
I've been drinking it for months! I make it in huge batches and keep it in the fridge. I ordered it from Sunshine Herbals, and love it. You can get individual bags or teapot-sized bags, she ships quickly, and it tastes 1000x better than the prepackaged stuff. I'll never be able to drink Yogi again 
I'm sorry her labor was so rough, but I hope she recovers quickly! Congratulations to you and your family!
It depends on the practitioner, the hospital regulations, and the availability of MWs in your area. The one birthing center that's within 50 miles of me is pretty strict on who they accept. I don't even think I could VBAC there. In your situation, you may want to consider a midwife/OB combo practice. 
Nymbler   Baby Name Wizard   Behind the Name   I'm slightly addicted to all three 
  I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm not a doctor, midwife, or doula. I'm just a high school teacher that's been researching VBAC for about two years.   Fear is, frankly, a natural, normal response in your situation. And as you know, it's part of being a mom. That said, don't let fear be the deciding factor in how you choose to birth. The only bad choices are the ones we make without all the relevant information.   I live in New York, and state law prohibits...
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