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  Agreed. DD loved it, so we did it. If this baby hates it, we'll stop.    I'm 31 and still wrap myself in blankets before going to sleep!
  I can empathize. I was 30 when I had my first, but don't look it. I'm a HS guidance counselor and used to get asked for my hall pass from the security guards. {{Sigh}}. My mom looks young for her age too, and says I'll appreciate it later!
  I know two little girls named Evelyn. It's a great name but definitely gaining in popularity. Genevieve is beautiful! Not sure if you're a nickname person, but there are lots of options with Genevieve too.    Would you use Camille as a first?
  That's what I get now. But my favorites are spicy scallop and anything with salmon, and those are both raw. Oh well.    23ish weeks until real sushi!!
I had sips of wine with DD and had 3/4 of a glass when I was pg on Thanksgiving. She was born 3 days later. I may have a sip or two this time, but I can live without it until the baby arrives.    What I really miss is SUSHI!
I wouldn't panic yet. Most low-lying placentas resolve themselves.    I have fibroids too, and didn't know until I was 20 weeks pg with my DD. I had awful RLP, but other than that, I never would've known they were there. 
Mads - That doesn't make you a jerk; it makes you practical and honest. ITA that guests need to be doing something. I wish I made that rule when I had DD. DH's uncles showed up one afternoon, and as I'm falling asleep on the couch, they were asking me to make coffee. Because, you know, I had nothing better to do while attempting to BF a baby and recover from an emergency c-section.    We're probably going to my parents for Thanksgiving. DD is staying with them when...
I don't think so... labor has more to do with pelvic shape, baby's position, and a whole mess of other factors. I know tall thin women that had miserable labors, and a short fluffy mama that had quick labors. I'm short and thin (or, I was thin ) and my MW never indicated that my size  would play a role in L&D. 
I'm a VBAC hopeful and absolutely want a doula with me at this birth. I have a few ladies to interview... but I'm not quite sure what to do. Anyone have any tips?
  Not snarky at all. DH has loved it for years too (possibly even before my conversation with my sister). I loved also it, but tabled it b/c we wanted to name our firstborn after other people. We needed a first and a middle name with different letters. (We're Jewish. We honor deceased relatives by using their name or pick another with the same first initial). When we found out our firstborn was a girl, it was irrelevant. 
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