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I left a review for the Melissa and Dough Wooden Abacus.
I shared the giveaway on my facebook page :)
There is a list on once a month mom that says how long certain things can stay frozen.   Fruits and Vegetables – 8-12 months Poultry, uncooked – 12 months Poultry, cooked – 4 months Fish – 3-6 months Meat, Roasts, Steaks, etc; uncooked – 4-12 months Ground Meat, uncooked – 3-4 months Meat, cooked – 4 months Cured or Processed Meats – 1-2 months Casseroles – 2-3 months Soups and stews – 2-3 months   Here is the link:...
I've been gone for awhile but I am already starting to stock my freezer.  I am mostly doing a lot of chicken marinades since my Dh will grill, but I plan to also do a couple chicken pot pies, roast kits, enchiladas, and a couple pasta meals.  Our goal is 49 nights worth of dinners (or at least main courses) several breakfasts, lunches, and snacks as well.  Yikes!
Thanks for sharing.  I think this one works if your midwife is a CNM though :(  Unfortunately here in Hawaii literally NO CNM's do homebirths so my midwife is a CPM.  Therefore I can't get it covered...boo.   Also did you pay your midwife up front and then get reimbursed by tricare?  Just curious.
Thanks! For some reason when I searched it, it wouldn't come up.
What's the link to the DR facebook page?
We are going back home to Texas when Dh gets out of the Army, the COL is lower and although sales tax is higher than most other areas of the country we don't have a state income tax so it evens out.
pollyanna- Yea I keep trying to remind myself of that but it's just so hard lol.   eirual-  Depending on how bad the roof needed it I would borrow it and get it done.  In my experience roof problems are something that can go from bad to worse pretty quickly.   AFM- My midwife appointment went good today, baby is finally head down-let's hope he stays that way.  Although my midwife did say she was comfortable delivering if he was breech so that makes me happy.  I...
August already?  That means I have 10 weeks until my EDD, 10 weeks....eek!  I have come to the conclusion that my grocery budget will be more than it usually is this month and next month as I prepare my freezer for post partum. My goal is that I will have about 42 dinners frozen and ready for after the baby is born.  I also want quite a bit of lunches and breakfast items like pancakes and waffles.  I think I am so neurotic about it because I literally did not rest at all...
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