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Hello Ladies...My little Cupcake is 3 weeks old and I am recovering SLOWLY from my c-section...I really wanted to be doing things by now but this recovery is a really slow process.  I can tell I over did it yesterday as my abs are sore today.  Other than that Cupcake is a good eater (bottle fed since the docs found a heart condition in me and the meds I take are not good for baby) and she is a good sleeper too :) It was nice reading all the check-ins.
Its a little girl and her name is Adalee Olive :)
OH this is such great news! He has BIG dreams and sometimes I just don't see how they will come true so it is so good to hear he is on the right track...I have told you several times he is a skeptical but he was SO EXCITED for me to share this with him! I can't wait to send you a msg to let you know what/where he will be working! 
It would be a huge blessing for our family to win this stroller.  DH and I will be first time parents and money is pretty tights due to new legislation in our state which made me take a pay cut (DH is finishing Grad. School)...I am so excited about being a mom and this stroller would be a super nice place to start!
The doctors say I am struggling with gestational diabetes and may put me on insulin at my next appt on Sept. 12.  If I go on insulin then I am high risk and will have to find a doc and leave the midwife practice. YES the pic you are seeing IS what I desire my birth experience to be: at a birthing center located within a hospital with a midwife in attendance...I have already been putting up a fight as I feel as though my blood sugar is not that high (supposed to be 60-95...
Last ? (until next time!)...My DH is very diligently applying for positions in his field for next summer (2012) I am just wondering if you have any insight as to where he may be next summer?
? 2...I have recently starting to think that Baby Smith might be a boy (in my mind) but my heart still says girl...Are you still hearing Baby Smith is a girl?
Hello Jamie...I saved up and am treating myself to this forum yet again Without giving too much background info, I may be considered high risk and need to leave my midwife practice. My fear is not being able to birth as naturally as possible.  I am just wondering if you can give me some insight on my birthing experience? Thank you!
Name: Meg * EDD:  2/7/12 * Age:  28 * Location:  Wisco * How long it took to you to get your BFP: 13 months post missed miscarriage * What number child is this for you: #1 * Family: me, and DH and soon to be baby * Birth plans/preferences: hospital with a midwife as natural as possible  
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