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I'm sure you mean well. I am certainly not preaching anything but thanks for your concern.
I respect others opinions regarding time outs but disagree that they are harmful. I just don't want to overuse them as I feel any method can be overused. Just looking for other creative ideas... does that thread offer such ideas as I'm not looking to spend time looking at people's arguments one way or the other...just creative ideas!
Because i know we need proteins from animals. I'm actually invesigating the Paleo, Omni and primal diets. Grains are not good.
I would go with this too.  That's actually how what we use to clarify the children's grandparents with same last names..... Grandma Karen rather than grandma and great grandma...and I've seen a lot of people to this type of thing....
All of you, thank you.  I think we have decided not to go down this road afterall.   You gave great advice.....more than some agencies have given us.  But in just a week's worth of phone calls I am just more confused and frustrated.  My DH is very overwhelmed and fearful.  He's afraid of putting the money of a home study ($1500 - 2500) up front and not being approved, or it taking too long for a right match (we are already 43) and the adoption costing us more money...
othermother109,   I just know I would not personally be able to withstand the emotionality of having a child placed in my home in foster care and losing that child should he/she need to leave.  I've seen other families go through this and I know that even as a former teacher in the public schools I got far too attatched to my students.  It's just not for me, though I firmly support and admire those that can!
If there is a better place to post this question, please let me know....(I only got one response on my last post so I'm not sure if I put it in the right place....)   We are Sooooooo confused and OVERWHELMED..... never thought this would be so complicated... We really wanted to get the ball rollling on this (we're 43 already) and my DH was all for it until he saw the cost of just the home study (we were quoted 1500) and how much personal information is required to...
We have just begun filling out forms to attempt finding a baby/toddler to adopt through Zoe For Life and it is asking for an adoptive resume.  I'm wondering what most people include in such a letter and how to address it.  How long was your letter?  Whatever advice anyone is willing to give on this would be most appreciated!    
Not having any success stories yet, but he does remained interested....sits on it and likes to have stories read to him while he's there.
I tried posting this elsewhere and got no response....maybe I posted it in the wrong thread....   anyway, A little background.  We have a 16 yo, an almost 13 yo......and an almost 20 MONTH old.  ds#2 was a total surprise.  We were shocked.  We weren't trying.  But he has been a total blessing and as soon as we had him we decided we wanted another despite our ages.  We are both 42 right now....I'm turning 43 next week.  And that's part of the frustration.  We've...
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