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I am considering going out to get a crusted-over sippy cup that has been fermenting on our patio table for about a month. I can see it through the livingroom window.
Who's Paris Hilton? (Just joking -- but I didn't know she was going to jail.)
15 years as of the 27th of last month!
Wino! Cabernet Savignon and Shiraz.
I'd like to have one or two. (I have four. We're trying to decide which ones to get rid of. )
My husband brought one home a few years back. The kids were pretty little then, and it was no big deal. As the boys got older, and brought friends over, things got out of hand and they scared the begeebers out of me anytime they got near it. Five year olds will follow the rules. Twelve year olds smile and say, "Yes Mom," and then do stunts from those crazy video shows the minute you look away. The thing finally disintegrated in the Texas heat and got hauled to the...
I've never heard of someone "opening" or "closing" their pool. What does that mean? Is that something you do in colder climates?
When you finish nursing, I highly recommend the ring. It turned my heavy, 7 day periods to little pantyliner periods that last 2 or 3 days! You can also download a little reminder program that pops up on your computer screen on days when you take it out or put it in! I started the ring when dd was nursing, but she was almost 2. The gyn said it may or may not effect supply (by then dd didn't care) and that since it is vaginal, minimal hormones travel through the rest of...
I've hear the term used to describe vulgar, tacky and/or immoral white people of all socio-economic groups. You can be rich, live in a McMansion, drive a Hummer, wear tacky bedazzled faux fingernails, stand out in the yard in a toob top cussing the kids with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and be considered white trash. I think it's racist.
I'm a Houstonian. We have mild winters, glorious 75 degree springs and falls, and hot, hot, burning hot summers. We have a big Muslim population and a very low cost of living. The traffic is terrible and public transportation is a joke. It's not the prettiest city by any stretch of the imagination, but the people are friendly. Galveston beach is right down the road. You've also got Clear Lake and Lake Conroe for sailing. This place is huge, and each area has a...
New Posts  All Forums: