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Some friends are like last year's summer sandals. You keep them until you're able to go out and get new ones. (Sorta joking, but not really. Maybe that's why I don't have many friends! )
Sorry about that. I'll go get the kids and bring them it.
Holes here. No idea.
Gum (If you think s/he won't swallow it.)
Sorry to dis the Houston suggestion, but I live here. Mass transit is a joke. Gotta have a car.
With my last little one (surprise!) I tested in the evening right after I missed a period. I got the faintest little positive line, and made an appt. with my gyn. I tested negative there. I tested a week later, and I was positive. The longer you wait, the more reliable the result will be. I always buy the double pack, because I can't wait. I do one right away, and one later, in the a.m. hours.
Dang. I hate to cry. I don't cry much. Don't think I could have been as strong as that momma. Wow.
Sage, what's falafel? (Been eating hushpuppies a long time!)
Dh is a parent too, and should take responsibility for watching dd just as much as you when he is home. I have a 2.5 yo dd who bathes in those little tubs of lip balm. I've found her with a tack in her mouth. She rubbed an entire tube of hydrocortizone cream on her body. Yesterday she stood up in the shopping cart with me right beside her, and she fell backward into the cart and bumped her head on the metal edge. She got into my purse and was chewing my nicotine...
I'm 41. I still get the occasional zit. It looks so pretty next to the wrinkles.
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