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It's been a tough week at my son's high school this week. First, a star baseball player for the school team died in a drug related auto accident, and one other boy is in critical condition. Today, a boy my son's age who we've know since preschool was arrested for selling prescription drugs at school. He's in jail right now. I'm good friends with his mom, and she is devistated. I hear today is a holiday for pot users (4/20). I don't think we'll be celebrating.
My 2 and a half yo has bugger snacks between every meal. When they quit eating them, they start wiping them on the furniture.
I want to thank MiaPia for her link to gourmet chocolate caramels. If any of you ladies have links to your favorite sins, please post.
I was agreeing with OP when I first started the thread, but a lot of you convinced me AP might just be harder! Why didn't someone tell me this 15 years ago! What the heck have I been doing all this time! AP has felt easy for me, and after I had my first child, I was one of those way obnoxious moms who thought she invented motherhood. Time and 3 more kids had a way of knocking me off my high horse. Still, I've always been conviced that the AP choices I've made...
My kids are old enough to ask religious, political, and ethical questions. I usually just tell them all sides of the story without my opinion. They then hound me to know what I "really think." Sometimes I have an opinion and tell them. A lot of times, I don't have an opinion, or just don't know enough to have an answer. That drives them crazy! "How can you not know who is right and who is wrong!" They would love for everything to be black and white, and for me just...
When my boys hit jr. high and started dressing out for gym and athletics, they found out about all the hip, cool body sprays they advertise on TV. They both drown themselves in this stuff, and a little goes a long way. I've tried to tell them I can smell them coming from across the street, but it has made no difference. My eyes water when I drive them to school in the morning. I think I liked the body odor better.
Magnolia I liked how the characters lives intertwined, how flawed they all were, and how frogs rained from the sky. It's also the only role I liked Tom Cruise in. He was actually believable!
The last music video I saw was probably "Thriller." (I'm 41.) Am I missing much?
Thanks for all the replies. At least I know we are not the only house with this issue. I think setting up a budget with her is a great idea. And I hear you, Ruth, about the cost and quality of clothes! They want $20+ bucks for a T-shirt so thin I can see my hand through it!
Why begrudge the lucky among us, who can do as they please, without a thought to money or future? The dice rolls a different scenerio to all of us. I'm going to make the most of my roll, whatever it is. I can't begin to judge what someone else does with her roll.
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