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I love TLC's "What Not to Wear" too! I pretend I've got Stacy and Clinton with me when I go shopping. :
I've been happily married 18 years. I think it's important to know that good marriages have an ebb and flow, and that is ok. Young children put a strain on intimacy. A "second honeymoon" can come when the kids are not so needy. Perfectly normal.
I stole a ceramic pig from my MIL's house 20 years ago. I was dating dh at the time, and he showed me this little pig he made in elementary school. I collected pigs all my life, and I thought the fact that he had made a pig, of all things, meant we were destined to be together. I put it in my purse, and it is hidden in my sock drawer, today, 20 years later. It is the only thing I have ever stolen. I vote mine most lame confession of the thread.
I'm going to bed. Wake me in May.
My husband's cajun relatives spit in the pot before they start gumbo. (If you are lucky, you get a bowl with a squirrel head in it!)
Get the kiddos a playset. I think the wooden ones look lots better than the metal ones. My kids used the fort much more than the swings themselves. They ate countless lunches up there, had tea parties, action figure battles, hot wheel races down the slide, etc.
This is more my problem than my daughter's, but it is driving me batty. She's 11, and continually complains, "I have nothing to wear." Well, I remember not having many clothes growing up, and feeling self-conscious about it, so I'm kind of a sucker when it comes to buying her clothes. In fact, I'd love to see her in a cute outfit everyday. Problem is, I buy her clothes, and she wears them once, and decides she doesn't like them. I try to shop so carefully with her. ...
Several posters have used the word "meaningful" in relation to life choices. What are the ingredients for a meaningful life, in a universal (not personal) sense?
By ryansma: The most important component is your motive behind the communication and your goal in parenting on the whole. I think that hits the nail on the head. I've got a toddler, plus three much older children. I've got to admit, I've slobbered praise all over them since day one. "That's a beautiful picture! Did you do that? You're an artist!" It's better to say, "Thanks for your help" rather than "Good girl," but in the end, IMO, the difference is...
I learned that I can say, "No, I'm not playing taxi tonight. I am not carting y'all to the movies in the rain, only to have to wake a sleeping baby in 2 hours to pick you back up." I said that, and everyone found something else to do, and the ceiling did not fall in. And I'm drinking a glass of wine and having a grand time playing on the computer.
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