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We don't get many street musicians around here. But I have been to Boston and London, and just loved walking down the street and through the subway and finding entertainers there! I stopped for most every one that I passed! (Obvious tourist!) I certainly would have stopped for him!
Used mine to catch the "spray".
People should choose lives that bring them (and their partners) happiness. That's the point of breathing in and out everyday.
A family of 3? When we were a family of 3, we lived on less than half of what we live on now. We're now a family of 6. Good thing the finances grew, because I'm looking at having 3 kids in college at the same time. Before we get there, though, we'll have 3 kids in a row who want driver's licences and vehicles to drive in. : They also want expensive musical instruments for band, hundreds of dollars for band and church trips, money for lessons, ball teams, homecoming...
I have two nice, non-violent boys who love paintball! We live on five wooded acres, so sometimes we have a dozen boys back there shooting each other! : My biggest rule is always wearing a mask. Those little paint balls can leave a bruise the size of a quarter, and could certainly take out an eye. Nobody plays here without a mask. I've got plenty of padded jackets, but I'm not so strict about making them wear those. They do get hot in the jackets, and a little bruise...
I remember being driven crazy by a catnapping baby. The thing that worked for me was just to give up on "trying" to get the baby to nap. I wore the baby in a sling as much as possible, and if he/she fell asleep in the sling and I felt like putting him/her down, I'd just slide the sling off my head and put the baby down in the room I was in instead of the bed. If the baby woke up in 15minutes, I'd just slide the sling back over my head and go on. If the baby got cranky,...
I have Ulcerative Colitis. I discovered I had it at the beginning of my last pregnancy 3 years ago. I took meds throughout my pregnancy (Asacol). I took meds while I nursed for over 2 years. Contact a lactation specialist and see if your meds are compatible with breastfeeding. Some docs will just ask you to wean and not even look into it. Antibiotics kill me. I go into a terrible flare if I even go near one. Avoid them if at all possible.
Oh boy, do I feel your pain. My dd is the shyest child you will ever meet. I imagine if I took her to a psychologist, he'd/she'd label her with "selective mutism." She's now 11, and we've been battling rude, mean people all these years. She is often just plain unable to communicate when adults speak to her. Even people who have known her all this time can be very cruel to her, making the situation worse. They treat her like she is being sullen and rude on purpose,...
Next year he'll be 16. In my state, he could drive to the store and get his own candy.
We need a set of really off the wall comebacks: "Where's your baby's blanket?" "She's being punished. No blanket today and she's sleeping on the doorstep naked tonight." "Watch out! She's gonna get hurt!" "Well, that's the plan. I get a kickback from the doctor every time I file an insurance claim." "Take good care of my baby." "Is this baby yours? I was so drunk that night I couldn't remember who the father was."
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