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Hey!  I'm also a spinner and knitter.  I raise longwool sheep and Angora goats.  Coopworth can be very nice.  It is kind of similar to the sheep I raise.  You might have wool that is classified as "coarse," but it may feel as soft as can be.  I actually test wool and other fibers for their softness by rubbing it on my cheek.  From what I have found and also been told by many others that have been in this business......"rules" are just guidelines.  There are some very good...
We've started to talk about names.  Girl names never seem to give me too much trouble.  Boy names......so much more difficult!  This will be our fourth.  We have a Willow Rhiannon, Ronan Wolf, and Canaan Oak.  Yeah.....there's a nature trend there.  Right now, for girls I'm stuck on Hazel, Iris, Freya, Ruby, and Sybil.  The farthest I've gotten with boy names are Samuel and my absolute favorite, Quinn.  We'll see what happens one DH REALLY starts to weigh in!
My DH basically knows that when I'm pregnant sex is off.  Not even a chance.  Normally our sex life is awesome!  Hence, we're expecting our fourth.  This has been the case with every single one of my pregnancies.  With our first, we didn't really know what the deal was and DH was all upset and started so many fights.  Needless to say, I felt terrible.  After she was born and hormones got back to normal, which took another few months, things were 100% back to normal.  The...
Oh I wish we were closer!!!!!!!  I almost want to send you a few suckers to infect and send them back!   Too bad this is a legal no no... Thanks for the FB info...I'll keep my eye out there.
Okay...too weird, HomesteadMoma!  We must be very close to each other!  Our farm is in the Orient area, but actually a bit farther south of that.  Small world!
HomesteadMomma, where are you in Ohio?  We're about a half-hour south of Columbus.  Sounds like we do A LOT of the same things!
Baby number 1.....26 hours Number 2.....6.5 hours Number 3.....3 hours   All were born at home.  I'm kind of nervous they may not get here in time this go round!!!:)
When I was pregnant with DD I had the test for toxoplasmosis run.  Just like Minerva, I have been around cats my whole life.  Our farm cats, house cats.....I even worked at a vet clinic around SO MANY cats.  Yet despite all that exposure, I too was negative!  No prior immunity.  To be honest I was really hoping that I had contracted it sometime in the past so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Now, if I do have to do anything related to cats, I just make sure to wash my...
Prettyisa that's too funny...my dad grew up in Springfield. We were just there yesterday actually! And Yellow Springs is one of my favorite places. We almost bought a farm just out of town. We actually just cut our Christmas tree there yesterday!
-Name: Rachel (PrettyHippie) -Age: I'll be 30 when this baby is born. -EDD: Looks like July 6, 2014.  That MAY change once I get into see my midwife. -Location: 30 minutes south of Columbus, OH. -1st child/2nd/3rd...: This will be earthside baby number 4.   -Baby's sex: Kind of hoping for a girl this time, but either way I'll be happy!  
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