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Ohio...30 minutes south of Columbus.
Hello!  I'm Rachel and we are expecting NUMBER 4!!!  I was 9 weeks today.  Still trying to figure out how this baby happened.....Well, we know HOW it happened just now just not when!!!  When I didn't get my cycle on Halloween I just chalked it up to stress from moving to the new bigger farm.  Nope.....a pregnancy test the next week told quite another story!  It's all good though, we were planning on another but we were just wanting to push baby's arrival into the fall...
Wow!  What a story to share with her someday!  I'm glad to hear that one, you got to birth on your terms and two, that you're doing much better!  Way to keep your head on and follow your instincts.  Oh, and what a lovely name!!  Congrats!!
Congrats mama.  So glad to hear that everything ended up okay in the end and you and baby girl are alright!!
Homebirth Vaginal G6 P4 A2 Midwife said he has the most hair she's ever seen on a boy she's delivered!:) 41w4d 8Ib15oz Male
Alright, I'm going to jump in too.  I'm at 50 hours postpartum now.  Everything seems to be going very well, but holy afterpains Batman!  I know they tend to be worse with each child, but good grief.  Some are so bad I actually feel like I could throw up.  I actually did with one the night Canaan was born.  The midwife has had me taking Advil to deal with them since they are so bad.  I don't think I've taken Advil since my other son was born to deal with the afterpains I...
YAY!!!  Last night I was so hoping that it was finally your turn too!  I know we shared a due date and it just seems that our little guys decided to wait until just about the same time!! He's such a cutie and I'm so excited for you to now have a SON!  Huge congrats to you and your family!!
Just...Wow!  Great job to you and your DH.  So glad everything went well despite all the unexpected craziness!  Enjoy your cute little bundle!
Good luck Judy!  I'm so hoping that this is finally it for you!  
Canaan Oak was born yesterday September 19 at 9:05pm.  He weighed in a 8Ib15oz and 21.5inches long with a TON of black hair.  My midwife had come out on Monday to check me and baby out and at that point I was measuring 3cm and I did opt to let her do a membrane sweep.  So I knew I was getting very close.  Well, I had contractions starting late Tuesday night that were 10 minutes apart but thought that once again they would just go away once I went to bed.  Well they kind...
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