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Such a perfect little princess!  Congrats to you and enjoy your babymoon!
Having contractions every 6 minutes or so.....Could it possibly be?!?!?!
So I hit 41 weeks today.  My other two both came at 40+6.  I had a full day of false labor yesterday(Friday).  I really think I could cry.  Oh well...I tell myself baby just needs more time and no matter how ready I am, he/she just isn't.  Boo.  I think it's just because I'm just so flippin' sore.  I too have been getting slammed by family friends with the whole "sooooooo....baby yet?" questions.  It doesn't really get to me too much, but I would like to think that they...
Yay!!!  I LOVE the name!  Big congrats to you!
Ascher, I'll second the evening primrose oil.  With my first baby my midwife had me on it orally once I hit a certain point and then at the very end added vaginally, too.  I do really think it helped!  It's funny because she only has her first time mamas use it.  I tell you what though...if this baby doesn't come in the next day or two I'm so going to the store and picking up a bottle.  I can't take much more of this hip/crotch pain.
Congrats to you!  Another big boy!!  Can't wait to see pictures.  Enjoy your new little snuggle bug.
What a wonderful looking family.  Such a sweet little girl with a beautiful name!  Congrats to you!
Hang in there Alli.  I went through something kind of similar with DD.  So frustrating but in the end my dear midwife/LC said in the end the most important thing is to feed the baby however you must.  Once your milk really comes in I'd be willing to bet things get much better.  Lots of support your way!
Yep.  That sounds like a mucous plug alright!  Maybe, just maybe that means things will FINALLY get going and stay going for you!!!
Welcome to the world baby Harper!!  And good job to you mama for a successful breech delivery.  Sometimes these little ones surprise us from day one.  Love her to bits and enjoy your babymoon!!
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