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What a great story!! Enjoy that adorable chunky monkey!!
I was wondering if the little ones had arrived yet!!  Congrats to you and your whole family!  Can't wait to see the pictures!!
Big congrats Alli!  Can't wait to see pictures!
Oh WCM I so hope this is it for you!  Come on baby girl...
  Yeah, we tried this too and I was joking with my girlfriend that it was probably the most uncomfortable akward sex we'd ever had!  Obviously it didn't help either.  Boo.  I feel for all of us who are just so.gosh.darn.uncomfortable!     MamaF is my hero.  I mean wow!  So glad he's finally here!   Okay....time to hobble out to the barn and get the chores done....I'm so ready for DH's paternity leave so I don't have to do them anymore for awhile!!!
OMG this is so exciting!!!  And WOW.....he isn't small that's for sure!!!  Such wonderful pictures and what a handsome little man.  Enjoy him, rest up, and fill us in when you can.  Congrats!!!
Mmmm.....muffins.....   Okay, so I have been really REALLY bad about posting!!  I've read and read and read, but only occasionally posted.  Bad me.  I gotta say, I'm kinda shocked we don't have more babies by now!  We're just going to get a huge baby flood all at once I would bet.  I'm sitting on 40+3 and I'm so freakin' ready to have this baby.  With my other two kiddos I had sciatica that was pretty bad.  Well, with this baby I've not really had that at all, but...
My heart goes out to you because I've been there!  Although our situations are/were different, they are also very similar in a lot of ways.  I got pregnant when I was 23, right out of college to get my BA.  So yeah, DH and I were quite young and needless to say we had not nailed down careers or much in the way of "you're prepared to have a baby" stuff.  I mean, we had both just finished college for goodness sake!  DH was BEYOND shocked and not in the good way. He never...
Thank you so much for the reply.  It's funny because I've been keeping my eye on the SE region of MN, as well as around the Twin Cities.  My husband needs to be able to be relatively close to some kind of biggish hospital for work and well, these two areas seem to fit the bill!  The homeschooling has been going well so far but I have to admit it would be really nice to find a group of others who are doing the same thing.  Here where we're at in Ohio there are SOME but a...
Oh my goodness, my heart just melted a little bit!  What an adorable little lady!  She has such a peaceful, content look on her face.  Congrats Mama!
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