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I would put on some gloves and pick them off and drop them in soapy water. Then later this evening spray the plants with warm soapy water. Keep a close eye on them and keep spraying as needed over the next week or two.
I miscarried when they took it out, but we knew that was the most likely scenario and were prepared for it. Getting it out was pretty painful, but my cycle got back on track the next month.
That might have been me..not sure! I bled for several weeks when mine was embedded, and was pregnant at the time. (because the IUD wasn't doing it's job!) Definitely get an ultrasound if you feel like something isn't right.
You could go to a gastro doc and ask for scopes (colonoscopy/endoscopy), but they are invasive and expensive. An elimination diet would be the first step in finding out what your little guy is reacting to. You might also check out Enterolab.com and see if there are any tests there you would be interested in.
I've taken ACV for a year now, but got off track recently. I have Celiac Disease and the damaged intestinal lining that comes with that. Last night, I took ACV for the first time in a week or two and shortly after had really bad abdominal pain. Really bad. Then, this morning, I woke up disoriented and dizzy. Not normal for me at all. I always assumed ACV would help with healing the gut, but is it possible that it's just too harsh?? It's such great stuff, I hate to...
I'm a Christian, but don't generally care for "Christian" books. The Purpose Driven Life is one of my favorite books, though. I read it a few years back and the thing that has stuck with me the most is "It's Not About ME." That statement changed my life. I hope you will keep reading.
Why doesn't coconut oil work with them? That's what we always use.
Maybe just a quick wipe down with baking soda after every or every other shower? I use one of those nylon exfoliating cloths to wipe the tub down and it works very well.
I'm anxious to try Wen myself. I'm one of those people who struggles with not shampooing bc of the oily factor. Have you tried rubbing some baby powder into it? That's what my stylist is always harping on me to do. Shampoo less, powder in between days.
After weeks of bleeding, an ultrasound showed it embedded in my uterus.
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