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My 3yo had his top 4 front teeth capped when he was 18 months old. Last night when I started brushing his teeth his started screaming in pain. There is a blister over his front tooth. This is bad, bad, bad timing and scary because I have no idea what the treatment for such a thing would entail. It's Sunday or I would already be on the phone with the dentist. We have company coming today from TX to stay for a week and our dental insurance doesn't kick in until October. ...
There is nothing scarier in the world than standing in a building with your allergic kid surrounded by people eating the very thing that could kill him/her. BTDT. Don't recommend it. Find a different way.
Have you tried handmade soaps? They are usually full of yummy, natural stuff without all those drying ingredients that commercial bars have. They last forever, too.
Have you tried Rescue Remedy? I take it as needed, not every day.
On a positive note, we've cut out tons of junk in our house because we simply can't afford it any longer. Chips, cokes, cookies, crackers, ice cream....We've also cut way back on meat consumption. Tomorrow will be my last day to drink coffee. I had to give up my fair trade brand several months ago because it got too expensive. Never thought Crapwell House would be $8 a container.
I'm currently getting 27 mpg out of a nearly 10 year old SUV. Almost all of my miles are hilly and winding highway, though. Some things I do that I think are helping: *took my luggage rack off the top * drive the speed limit (maybe even a little slower, especially at night)(we share the roads with Amish buggies that you don't see until you are on top of) * run the a/c only when really necessary and switch to fan for going up steep hills * never idle or sit in...
The thing about the gory scenes in The Happening are that you have plenty of fair warning, so you can cover your eyes. It's not one of those movies that makes you jump out of your skin. I really liked it and I hate violent movies.
Quote: Originally Posted by k9wife I am worried with just making a pile that I will attract a lot of critters (dogs, cats, racoons, and other animals) to my compost pile. Is this really something to worry about? Also what about the smell should I set the compost pile a good ways from the house? It shouldn't smell at all. You never put meat and dairy in a compost pile. I don't worry about critters too much. Ours is on the edge of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by jee'smom i've wanted a clothes line for a long time now. i am gettng one soon, but my mom told me that i shouldn't hang dd's clothes out, as she has outdoor allergies. what's your opinion on this. You could always dry on racks indoors.
I love my worm bin. It can get pretty gross sometimes, but it's all about keeping it balanced. Not too moist, the right level of greens and browns... I keep it in the unfinished basement, but I've read some people even keep them in the kitchen. That's a little too earthy for even me, but point being, they just aren't a big deal. That being said, if you don't have a need for compost, you might be better off just starting a small pile in the corner of your lot. Why...
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