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These are the books that I have available:   Kindergarten Syllabus Kindergarten Fairy Tales Songs, verses and fingerplays First book of crafts   First Grade Syllabus First Grade Fairy Tales   Home Teachers Process Manual The Heart of Learning   I am asking $150 for all including shipping   Thanks!      
I have had my LG set for over a year now and LOVE THEM. The only thing I cannot do is soak but we are past the diaper phase so it's not a biggie. They are stackable but ours are not. We bought at Home Depot. We got 10% off and financed it for a year at 0%. They are steam too, which I like since my daughter has allergies.
General Books and DVD’s: Enki Homeschool Teaching Guides Books 1 & 2 Enki Homeschool Teaching Guides Book 3 Childhood Guides Community and Festival Songs Teacher Workbook Enki Teaching Guides DVD: Foundations through Grade Two Enki Teaching Guides DVD: Foundations through Early Childhood Development Immersion-Mastery: The Enki approach DVD Enki Festival Songs CD Enki Community Songs CD Kindergarten: Kindergarten Movement binder Kindergarten Crafts...
One thing that we didn't focus on enough this year was spelling. I have noticed in my daughters writing that spelling has become a weakness for her. I am looking for a computer based program that she can work on daily. A mulit-level program is preferred. This will be just for summer. Any suggestions?
I have an iPhone. SOme of my favorite apps are:   expense tracker-I keep track of every penny spent. Very customizable. lose it!-I keep track of what I eat and my exercise. Great app. my local npr app- really awesome to bring around the house with me while cleaning or whatever day tides-we live on the coast and I just click on the app to see where the tide is at realtor.com-we are house hunting and this is a super cool app with a map that shows where you...
I use this too and I LOVE it.
I couldn't find what I was looking for to use in excel. I actually found an app for my iphone that is exactly what I was looking for. It is called ExpenseTracker. I'm happy with it so far.
I have been looking all over and cannot find one that will add my spending and categorize. Seems simple enough. I would create one myself if I knew how.
Aveda.com Free shipping over $25 plus 5 free samples.
Levis.com   40% off plus free shipping. This ends very soon though, a couple of hours from now, I think.
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