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My favorite method of consumption is straight off of the spoon.  It is soooo good.  Took me about a week to become accustomed to the taste but now I LOVE it.  I buy the Nutiva unrefined stuff (which you can subscribe to on Amazon.com for uber cheap).   I use it for quite literally EVERYTHING.  I put it on my hair and skin - I'm going to try the deodorant, too!  I cook my eggs in it.  I cook my veggies in it, I saute leftover meats in it.  I do not cook with any other...
Meat & eggs.  
Yes!  I almost feel like we should be pregnant already if we are ever going to have another one!  But part of the problem is NONE of my friends have babies.  I have made new friends with babies, but none of the people I was friends with prior to getting pregnant, have had babies.  So I feel very isolated.  And now that DS is growing up, I can't imagine going back to the sleepless newborn stage (he's been STTN for 6 weeks now.  OMG my life has changed SO MUCH since...
Phew!  So glad to hear!  Thank you mamas!  
DS is 14 months old.  I can't imagine having another baby.  I feel like it's everything I can do to make it through the day, every day.  Does it get any easier?  I always thought I wanted 2-3 kids.  Am I going to get to a point that I can imagine having another baby?  This is SO HARD.
Now, I am not a doctor. But everything I've read tells me u need to go to an endocrinologist who understands thyroid and is willing to use a desiccated (NOT synthetic) thyroid and iodine supplementation. Your symptoms scream thyroid!!!! Good luck mama. Hugs!
Hi Mamas,   My DH and I are very lucky - we have actually eliminated most of the debt in our lives, including the small business we own.  However, we still have 2 car payments (mine is $9.5k at 2.9%, the car we purchased 3 weeks before our LO was born last year, intending it to be our family car...his is for nearly $12k at 8.95% (his credit is bad) and it's a truck, which is very useful but the mileage is horrible)..  We also have hardly any savings, and our goal is...
So, what was your routine with the front loader?  We just switched from top loader to front loader, and have had stink problems ever since.  Help!
Thanks for all the suggestions - my DS is not yet mobile (well, he scoots a bit...but no crawling or walking) so I think that is what's most of the trouble.   CI Mama - yes, I DO have some adult time, but sometimes it just doesn't feel like enough!  DS goes to daycare for half days b/c I work part-time.  We might have to cut that out - it's getting hard to afford!  I am afraid that if he doesn't go to daycare, I will go crazy!     A big problem is our sleep....
Thanks for all the replies!  It is frustrating, to say the least.  I wish I could wear him around the house in an ergo or something, but he doesn't like that.  He is okay with being worn only when on the move!   It seems like such a hard age, and I hope it passes soon because this is getting really hard to deal with!!!
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