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So the article below was posted today on the News and Im sure flooding the media/tv. However, if one digs deeper they will discover that a vaccine for this virus is in the works for 2008 for the general population. At the present time the military receives it! Sneaky scare tactics for some , eh? Here is just one of the many articles about one in the works. Makes one wonder how the virus actually originated...our troops should not be guinea pigs!...
I just read the myspace and at first thought the woman should rot for doing this to a baby but THEN reading background info i wonder if it is possible vaccine damage. Not to say it makes a woman not an abuser however the babysitter supposibly has three of her own children. Hmmm maybe someone should contact the babysitters attorney michele
A few weeks ago i have made it a goal that i have been keeping too: sweep 3 times a day. We have terrazzo floors which is basically part marble. With three dogs, kids and a bird it really does help to keep the house feeling really clean. DH mops 1-2xs a week. Actually relaxing to sweep. I sweep morning, naptime ( if im not napping) and right before bed however before bed time i dont do the bedrooms just the kitchen hallway and livingroom. im also a nook and every...
Hey Dez, the potty we have is from Target. If it wasnt in the backroom at the moment i would tell you the name LOL It is little and was only 6.99 baby awakes...... michele
Hello! Long time no chat We are doing well Sage is over 20LBS and in 12-18 month for some clothing. He is pretty much dry throughout the day and naps. He cues clearly and consistant when he has to pee pee and poop. It has come really natural(ECing) to DH and i that we forget that many dont know what we are doing ( like when he is on the potty in the back of the car and people walk past I will post more tomorrow however on my way to bed. Colorado stick to your...
I personally think it is just as bad to offer to go on the show with your children for the world to see all. If someone needs advice their are better ways to receive it instead of national tv. Of course, they want people to respond. However, we are a family without any sort of cable. I guess thats why we are always getting people calling wanting us to take family surveys about movies and such Michele argh! server busy server busy server busy
I also cant wait to start my bread soon. I just had a Pampered CHef party and for the month of FEB i got 2 stonewares for 60% off YIPPEE! My one friend uses the PC mini loaf pan that makes 4 even more then the reg stone. Seriously if you are intersted the PC consultant still hasnt closed my order so you could also get the 20% off stoneware just PM and let me know as hopefulyl she is closing this soon so i can start my bread One of my DHs accounts wife has a starter...
Quote: Right now, I'm having the best luck with juice kefir. I did grape juice for a few weeks and like that, ds2 loves it and calls it kefir soda. In the last few days I've been using an apple/cranberry juice instead of grape and I like it better. Enjoying some right now actually! OK i get so confused with kefir grains vs starter etc... Which kefir grains/starter did you use and where can i purchase good ones? Michele
OK I am addicted to the GT kombucha that i buy at WO as a treat. I really need to just start making my own however has anyone made it that tastes just like the GT? I love the grape and DH loves the greens? DS would drink any of them all day Michele
Can someone recommend a good ionizer/alkaline water filter to hook up to the kitchen? I am a big fan of the $$ Evamor water. Michele
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