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I'm up just over 20 pounds. I started off a healthy weight, so I'm just trying not to hugely overeat (I am HUNGRY, darn it!) and I'm exercising really well. My midwives have me weigh myself at each appointment but all they ever say is "perfect!" I gained about 45 pounds with my son (and was 20 pounds overweight to start) and 35 with my daughter, so I'm hoping to keep it more around the 35 mark but we shall see.
I'm finding out on Thursday, 5/24. I'll be 19 weeks. I CAN'T WAIT! :
Just thought I'd throw out my experience... I just bought a double stroller last week, finally. My son is 4.5, the baby is 2, and then expecting the new one in September. The kids will all be exactly 2.5 years apart. I bought a Mountain Buggy Urban Double off craigslist for a smokin' deal, which is an all-terrain stroller that is narrow enough to fit through any door. I wouldn't think just "any" double stroller would be worth it. The one I bought can really "do...
Oh for heaven's sake! It's *their* fault, sorry, if they're let you come with your kids all the times before then how would you know it was going to be different today?? Some people just don't understand that sometimes we have to bring our kids with us, even if it would be more convenient or better in some ways not to, that's just not the way it goes sometimes. Bleh, I'm sorry you had such a bad time! I would be sooo disappointed too.
Well, my boobs are KILLING me. I can definitely tell the relaxin is doing its work - I have this lower back pain that I get only on one side with every pregnancy - got to go to the chiro because he can fix it right up. I can also tell I have the beginnings of this pubic pain (happens when I stand on one foot, or do certain kinds of movements). I've had it before and it's not nearly as bad as some people get it, but it's there. Otherwise, not too much! I can't...
Oh, wow, what a big chunk to hear all at one time! I am glad you still have one little bean in there, hopefully everything will be just fine with him/her. I'm sorry for the loss of your other one.
Yeah, according to the Shettles method (very roughly, having never read the book and having no particular expertise) if you have sex on the day or the day before O, you are more likely to have a boy. That's what would happen with an ovulation predictor kit. If you have sex 3 or more days before O you're more likely to have a girl. My son was conceived the day before O, my daughter was 3 days before. Tihs baby was on a last-ditch almost 5 days before O fling, so I'm...
I knew with both my kids so far, and this time I have girl vibes but I'm just thinking statistically I'm bound to be wrong one of these times! I "wanted" a boy and then a girl, but I think it was influenced because I just knew their genders and so I was excited to meet that little person that I'd been imagining. I have absolutely no preference this time - I have absolutely loved both experiences and I would love a boy or a girl. I'll be thrilled either way.
Oh mama, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can see what you mean about already having kind of come to terms with your loss, but I'm still so so sorry. We'll miss you.
Wow, those ultrasound videos were really helpful! Kind of gives me an idea what to look for, or feel for. I hope i can feel movement at 12 weeks! that would rock my world, it's one of my absolute favorite things about pregnancy (and I love pregnancy!) I didn't know what the movement was with my first baby until like 19-20 weeks, because it was my first, and then with my daughter I had an anterior placenta so I didn't feel her til maybe 17 weeks. Come 12 weeks...
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