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Quote: Originally Posted by neshamamama Good luck! Whereabout in AZ are you moving? Yeah, I want to know too! I'm in Mesa. DO you need a recommendation for a midwife or anything? We have an active babywearing group here too.
Sex: Female Weight: 8 lbs even Length: 19 inches Birthday: 9/18/08 (that's my son's 5th birthday!) Birth Time: 9 am Length of labour: 6 hours
This is just about my biggest pet peeve with prenatal/birth care in the US. Doctors and midwives both exist, they have for a very long time. They each have something different to offer (assuming both are doing their jobs well) and they should complement each other perfectly. But some docs (and some midwives, too) get so defensive and territorial that they miss the whole point - which is to give the client the best care for her situation! We should really have the best...
My friend went full term with twins last summer. I don't know if she was able to have them at home (she had all her other kids at home) but she did do it naturally and they were each the size of a healthy singleton. I'm so excited for you mama!
Always room for more! Congratulations and welcome.
Welcome! I saw your photos in the belly pic thread and I just love your little pile of redheads! I'm the only one in my house - so far I've got a dark baby and a blondie, so we'll see what Mother Nature hands out this time.
Me! I don't get sick, I just get hungry. Been this way all three times. I eat three meals and three BIG snacks every day. At least. It's a miracle I don't gain 100 pounds!
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Um, we already told him. I can't imagine keeping it a secret from him. I mean, I told both kids but my almost-2-year-old hasn't really graced us with a response. My 4-year-old knows.
Wow, that would be hard to wait that long to find out, for me! Wishing you the best.
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