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I don't think I'm showing at all - all my jeans fit fine, etc. I can't wait though - it sounds perverse but I'm dying to have a belly I can rub and feel more connected to this baby. I am sooooooooo excited!
How many weeks are you? 6 weeks today How are you feeling? Fine! It's crazy, I really feel totally normal. What are your cravings/aversions? No aversions. I am eating more protein than usual now - eggs, hummus on everything, more meat than is typical for me. Have you bought anything for baby yet? Yes. Just a couple of little clothes that I couldn't resist. Oh, and one wrap (I have lots, but I wanted this one specially). Any weird/different dreams? I had a...
I'm not up at night yet, but I do have to go all.the.time during the day! I'm 6 weeks 1 day.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I'm so sorry mama. Take care of yourself.
Wow, I guess that's right! (I have this board bookmarked). Hooray! I'll be 6 weeks on Sunday.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I agree that you should have a provider who knows enough about the whole process that they trust you if you know when you O'd, and that won't pressure you into inducing at 40 weeks 5 miinutes. If you can't get yourself in that situation, I would lie like a dog and I'd do it happily.
I've not had any nausea with either of my other two, and I have none this time. Before, though, I was very crampy the first couple of weeks and had sore boobs. This time, I have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever except I think I have to pee more often. I'm 5 weeks 5 days and my waistline is not expanding either. I'm tempted to go buy another pack of tests because it's quite disconcerting. I feel totally normal!
I eat a lot of Kashi TLC crackers and cheddar cheese on top. : That's my favorite right now.
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