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Quote: Originally Posted by erin_brycesmom I'm having my baby at home for many reasons but mostly because it is the safest option. I wish I had known about homebirth with my first although I probably would have risked out after I got too far past my due date but maybe not because everything would have been different. After the first hosital birth, I lost all faith in my own body and by the time I found out about home birth while pregnant with #2, I was...
We were charting, so it wasn't a surprise, but we didn't use any other means. Just lots of sex. : ETA: This is true of all my pregnancies (3).
No way is a Moby going to be comfortable for a toddler during pregnancy. My favorite way is a back carry with a woven wrap. I have to have the weight evenly distributed, only during pregnancy, and it starts very early. I'm fine with ring slings the rest of the time, even with a very heavy child, but once I'm pregnant I need a 2-shouldered carry. I like a wrap because you have so much flexibility in how you tie it - above the belly or below, as it's comfortable. You...
Well, I've had feelings both times about the genders and both times I've been right! I think my feelings might be swayed though, by what I know of the supposed "Shettles method". Since I was charting for all three pregnancies, I know when I ovulated and when we DTD in relation to that. I don't know how much truth there is to the Shettles stuff, but anecdotally it's worked for me so far! Shettles says "girl" again for me in a big way, and a girl sounds right to my...
Would you mind adding me please? I haven't been on MDC for awhile but I'd like to try and get in at least one birth club where I won't be winning the Freak Award. I'm Rachel, due September 12th (roughly, of course!) I have a 4 year old son and an almost-2-year-old daughter. Planning my second homebirth, and looking forward to meeting you all! This club is pretty big already, I'm surprised. I just barely found out and I tested very early.
My midwife had done around 150 births - many of them out of the country in a training setting - and had been practicing for only a few years. She was much younger and less experienced than the midwife I had imagined myself using. I interviewed midwives with much more experience behind them. But I knew my midwife was the one as soon as I talked to her. She was amazingly, wonderfully perfect for me. I almost wish I was having another baby so I could use her again!
Well, I had a Pit-induced birth with my son, and a homebirth with my daughter. I had an epidural with my induction, so I can't compare the pain levels, but I will say that my natural birth was *much* easier. I was going with my body instead of fighting it every step of the way. Ina May's book - the birth stories especially - helped me prepare for my natural birth so much. I read it over and over. You're gonna be just fine, mama. You can do it!
It wasn't pain so much, it was intense. For me personally, my labor built pretty gradually so I had time to adapt as it ramped up in intensity. The thing, for me, that made labor so different from any other "painful" experience is that it's for a *purpose*. You know, you stub your toe and it hurts like a bitch and it's for nothing. You labor and birth a baby, and yeah it's intense and maybe painful but you get a *baby*. Not such a bad deal, really. You have the...
www.ebestfed.com carries Bumkins products (Bumkins are also a local company). BESTFed has a store location at 49th Ave. and Thunderbird, or you can order online. www.wildflowerdiapers.com is a WAHM out of North Scottsdale who I have bought from before. Her name is Shannon and she's super nice. She carries lots of things - I don't use pockets or AIOs but I know she has Swaddlebees and just a whole bunch of stuff.
Well, my baby is almost 6 months and unless she's napping (ha! I'm kind of sensitive about this today) she wants to nurse every 2 hours at the long end.
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