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Quote: Originally Posted by Lillian J A way to simplify it is to think in terms of what kindergarten originally was - it wasn't about any of the 3Rs at all, but about a very gentle transition from home into a pleasant taste of what school would be like later. It involved free play, a little structured play, and a bit of listening/participating with a teacher who led games or told stories, read to them, etc. - And to back up what Lillian...
This worked pretty well for DD when she was 2ish. I didn't show it to her particularly to save water, but she saw it a couple times and then started insisting that the tap be shut off when she was brushing teeth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtcZbN0Z08c (Sesame St clip - youtube)
Nauti manual for you http://babycare.manualsonline.com/ma...ster_seat.html
a) it's one night, if she doesn't sleep well she will manage and b) it's camp with a bunch of other kids, they will probably chatter and giggle til some ridiculous hour anyway, and then sleep from sheer exhaustion.
Mercer Meyer has a series of graphic novels, which seem pretty good http://www.amazon.com/Swamp-Thing-Gr...ref=pd_sim_b_2 DD loves Phonics Comics, but I think they might be a bit below the 3rd grade level (nto sure though)
Quote: Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X I prefer Firefox because of the layouts check out what this page looks like to me you can see the persona and how wide the message boxes are in blue. I used to have it like that, but I forgot how. Element hider is part of AdBlock Plus, right?
Thanks everyone, the Lioness Quartet look great (and DD will love a girl page ) as does the Tobias Burgess book.
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster I was trying to figure out what is expected of 1st graders, and I ran across these word problems on a math worksheet: "Sam ate 7 cookies and Jane ate 2 cookies. How many more candy canes did Sam eat than Jane?" : it must be one of those deep existential questions. or maybe a test for psychic ability
AdBlockPlus (blocks those pesky ads) the one I can't function without LeechBlock (lets me shut down distracting websites for a few hours so I can focus on my work) Multifox (lets you be logged into more than one account at a time (no, I'm not sock puppetting here! I use it to manage my fb and DD's at the same time, or multiple gmail accounts)) Fast Dial (a sort of bookmarks page thingie) personas (sort of like themes, but lightweight) Those are the main ones.
DD is very into castles and knights these days, and is always playing page. And always asking me "what did a page do?" Any good books (like novels) featuring the life of a page boy?
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