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that is SO cool Jessica!
Do you have a big park or woods nearby? Can you try being hunter-gatherers? I think, a lot of times the protein component would have come from small mammals and insects. esp for small bands. Go "hunting" (maybe with a camera) see how many lizards, frogs, squirrels, birds you can bag. Collect berries for the clan (also with a camera if necessary).
I have no experience with the toddler of course, but I think a lot of people try to do what they can when the toddler naps, or even after bed time, if he goes down early (probably not eh?). At her age you don't need to spend a lot of time on schooling. Is there a way for her to do self directed stuff part of the time? For social stuff, I have DD (who is 6 now, I hadn't realised they were fairly close in age, I guess a year or 2 is a much bigger gap when they're 3 than...
If I remember my toddler well, cardboard box (big), plastic cup, doll/teddy
I would suggest getting something that tells the bible stories (Usborne Children's Bible seems nice from what I can see at Amazon) and read stories from that, interspersed with stories from other religious myths (Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc). It would be a good way to gain the knowledge and reference points.
I see you are re-opening NC&E (as had been promised when it was first closed down). But it's now a pay-to post forum? I don't quite understand the reasoning behind this. Is it that the opinions of those those who can afford to pay have more value? Is it that those who can afford to pay are "better behaved"? More deserving?
Quote: Originally Posted by yllek I have been perusing Amazon tonight, and now I'm feeling a little defeated. Is there such a thing as a child-friendly, secular, non-Eurocentric world history text? subbing in hopes that there is at least one example
Quote: Originally Posted by mykdsmomy Lately I've been hearing "you are too protective...they need to learn how to deal with bullies/peer pressure/etc" OR "If you shelter them from all the bad, then how are they going to deal with a mean boss or superior that they don't get along with?" I have found that, in general, it is a lot easier to teach a child how to effectively cope with/understand something when they are a bit older, than when they...
adding a bump, cause I've been trying to figure that out for ages.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama~Love I just wanted to mention that guests can read the new forum. Is there a way to block guests from seeing it? are you sure? I'm not seeing it, either logged in or logged out (apart from the guidelines of course).
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