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yep, clearly you are doing it wrong. Go back and do it over! And this time quit having so much fun, then at least it will seem like forever.
Another list of K standards, couldn't find these the other day http://www.teachingfirst.net/standardskinder.htm
thanks skeuppers, that is the sort of thing I was concerned about, and lach, those are some good ideas, I will probably end up sith some sort of DIY approach too. I just need to figure out an outline of some sort, I'm sure I can find lots of resources once i do. Just the planning part is hard for me.
(inspired by another thread but taking a different approach, thus the spin-off) I'm looking for suggestions for a good book covering human history. I have seen Story of the World recommended often. but usually in a Christian context, so I am curious to know how Judeo-Christian it's bias is. Is it overtly Christian? Is it focussed excessively on European and Judeo-Christian civilisations? The bits I could see on the Amazon "look inside" thing seemed like a nice approach,...
well, not sure if you need it to be state specific, but I use this link (K standards for Math in California (I'm not in CA but it seems a nice detailed plan, and much more specific that the World Book one)) http://score.kings.k12.ca.us/standards/kdg.html digging around in that site can find you other levels (not sure about PreK) and other subjects.
Not sure about the Greek "r", but my English speaking 5 year old can't even do an English "r" properly yet (still a bit of the "w" in it). What I noticed with DD and languages is that when we visited Germany recently, for the first week or so, she pronounced all her letter sounds as an English speaker, even in German words, even when she was exposed to them only by German speakers, after a couple weeks I noticed that the sounds were more correctly German in the German...
If it's a tiny bit, and only very rarely it probably wouldn't be a problem. My DD drank lots of bathwater while she was otherwise EBF Remember though that breastmilk is specifically designed to be an entire food, so too much water, in addition to having no nutritional value, could also mess up her solute levels.
Most i have seen (like paper ones or so) you open from 1 to 24 and behind 24 is usually a Santa, or Jesus or whatever pic, suggesting that the day is now here.
I stick in front of a fan, moving air is very quick at defrosting frozen things.
If there are no younger siblings, how about shared reading? You read a passage, he reads a passage. That way you can model reading with expression too. And it is something to do together, not "work".
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