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Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy My kindergartener is doing very well with phonics, but she's having a VERY hard time learning her sight words. Each time she sees "the" or "is" she tries to sound them out, for example. She's only got about half a dozen of these words, but she just can't seem to get the hang of them. Is there anything out there like Starfall, only for sight words? Flash cards (I mean like index card and sharpie homemade ones)....
DD brushes her own teeth, I usually put toothpaste on the brush for her when I wake in the morning. I usually help her in the bath (she bathes first thing in the morning, so we don't do the wash face at the sink thing).
Quote: Originally Posted by LeftField We're currently reading Enid Blyton's "Faraway Tree" series. Those are such great stories to read, I have read those and the Magic Wishing chair stories to DD For the past many weeks we have been reading Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke, but bed time reading has been a bit sporadic of late, as DD insists on reading her book to me and we both tend to fall asleep on that When do you do your read-alouds? I...
from a genetics point of view, since blue eyes are recessive, a baby with one white and one non white parent is very unlikely to have blue eyes. However, since African Americans tend to be genetically quite mixed, it is quite possible for a "black" parent to carry some recessive white genes, resulting in a baby with light coloured eyes. Asians in America are less likely to be (unknowingly) mixed race.
thanks everyone. Somehow I missed all the responses on this. Dunno how that happened. I had forgotten that there is an older section in the Boowa and Kwala site, I will let her try that, she has pretty much exhausted the 0 - 6 section. Danielle, my worry with Webkinz is that she will "need" to have more and more She has seen them in the store and explained to me how they work with the website and all that, learned it from the TV I guess
Quote: Originally Posted by Minarai I was browsing the ribbons in the smilie section and noticed it had all the meanings for the blue ribbon except one: anti-Autotune. Can this be updated? autotune can be annoying, but I don't think it is quite in the league of cancer and serious illnesses. Abi - it is also use a lot lately to turn speeches into semi songs (most famously with an Obama speech. It has been horribly overused of late so there is...
I assume this is fungal growths? On something like a glass or a stainless steel pot fungus would not be able to penetrate beneath the surface. Thus simple washing will remove anything unpleasant. If you are not against bleach a dilute bleach solution would help to make you feel better (but vinegar would probably do just as well). Alcohol would also kill anything that might possibly be there.
I see you are in Canada. I have no idea if such things occur there, I live in the tropics.
It looks a bit like the fruiting body of a fungus growing inside the wood. Not sure if you get those in your climate. Is it damp there?
At 5.5 DD is well on her way to giving up (*she says hopefully* ). But I have had almost no milk for ages. And I do time limit her pretty strictly now.
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