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DD (age 5) has outgrown the NickJr, Playhouse Disney sort of games, but hasn't really moved up in TV shows (I have pretty much phased out TV at home, when she watches it elsewhere she sees mostly the preschool TV shows). Any recommendations for online games interesting/challenging enough and not based on TV shows I don't want her to get hooked on? Thanks
Muzzy is basically a little cartoon story, in the target language, with a fair amount of repetition and contextual clues, no English is spoken in it. I like the concept, but it seems amazingly overpriced for what it is, and my DD never really seemed to learn anything from it, though yours seems more motivated, so it might help.
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist Well, one could argue that it's wasteful in the production, etc...not to mention people's buudgets. I think you're better off not taking it. you probably are. But the way Halloween is marketed it is pretty hard to deny a child the ToTing experience unless you are very strongly driven by principles. I don't think this thread is about those issues. Quote: Originally Posted by JL83 I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Purple Cat Thank you, everyone. The part that KILLS ME is her plan to teach the children to call the school phone number in an emergency. She said she has a cute little song to teach children their phone numbers. But she said it would be too hard to teach each child their own phone number, so she's going to teach them to call the school. I pray this is NOT a universal Head Start curriculum, though the topic of child safety...
When DD was 3 I read the Enid Blyton books The Magic Faraway Tree to her. Not sure how accessible they would be in the US though.
Quote: Originally Posted by JL83 Taking candy knowing you are going to throw it away is greedy and wasteful. really? Whether it goes into the bin, or through your gut into the toilet isn't that big a difference is it? It's not like there is any significant nutritional value being wasted. I could understand the outrage if it was organic meat and veggies being tossed, those could do good for someone else. But junk candy is not contributing...
Am I the only one that's sorta weirded out by the way it brings up your profile? I didn't join the fb group, so it doesn't afect me, but I would find it sorta disconcerting for my picture to be linked to my name and displayed like this on a public board. I have my privacy levels set, and I realise that anyone who knew my name could find my fb profile, but somehow the idea of linking name and picture like that bugs me.
Nope, 1 year olds don't manipulate. Whatever he does is his form of communication. And approaching their behaviours like that is setting yourselves up for conflict. It is creating a confrontational atmosphere between yourselves and your chid. When he's 5 and you tell him to clean his room and he say "you're beautiful Mommy, Let's play Go Fish!" He will be at the beginning of learning to use manipulation.
There is an episode of Magic Schoolbus that addresses stars and what they are made of. It is quite accessible even for younger kids.
I think that immersion in school would be the ideal place to pick up the language. And I notice that lack of language becomes more of a problem as the child gets older. This summer we spent some time in Germany, and you could see that the language barrier was a big thing (DD is 5), on previous visits it had been much less of an issue. And she could still play nicely with 3 year olds or so, but 4 and 5 year olds need to talk to each other I think. Is there any other one or...
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