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CurrClick offers quite a few live online classes, they are mostly for pay though.
DD sometimes does that too, narrates her life. Sounds like a future author to me. Have you asked him if he wants to tell stories, that you could perhaps transcribe or video?
Quote: Originally Posted by lalaland42 You allowed the dog to go over and sniff the LITTLE GIRL after she collapsed on the floor hyperventilating? Those actions are cruel and make me feel angry. This. You can't believe how much this upsets me. An important part of the parenting that MDC tries to uphold involves respecting children as people. And accepting that their feelings are real, however irrational they may seem to you. That action (of...
no one?
Quote: Originally Posted by darcytrue I bought a good old-fashioned calendar and put one in several rooms in the house that we are in most often throughout the day. My DD (7) learned by looking at the calendar every single day and we talked about events, holidays and things that were on the month we were in and what not. . yeah a calendar is great, especially if she can cross off each day as it passes. And if you mark out events to look...
DD is 5.5 and in the last few weeks has been having big temper tantrums. I guess I am a bit spoiled, since she didn't go through the toddler tantrum phase (she always had a good vocabulary and could express her feelings well, I guess that helped). So I am at a bit of a loss. She gets very angry over (seemingly) small things, yells at me, screams and even hits me (another thing she has never done). I am just looking for some ideas for things she can do to help diffuse the...
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Just vids with her in them... she's fine as long as it's not of her...And she can only look at photos on small doses. That sounds more like she is suppressing the memory of some traumatic childhood event, rather than genetic memory. And as someone said, things that happened after she was born couldn't be passed to her by genetic memory, even if one does believe in such a thing.
I sometimes use the term genetic memory loosely to refer to cultural attitudes that I might hold, despite the fact that I was not raised in the culture of my ancestors. I don't honestly think it is cellular memories or any such thing, more like attitudes and beliefs that are unconsciously passed down.
Quote: wean ds before he becomes dependent hmm, that would be at birth I would think I'm sure he's a lot less dependant now than he was a year ago
When DD was that age I think I just explained it as "that's just my period, it isn't hurting blood, it's just some extra blood that comes out of my uterus sometimes." She was very interested in it and was very proud to help by fetching my pads from the cupboard . As she was older I explained more about the purpose and function of it and when she was at the height of her want a sister phase she would be very disappointed when ever she saw me wearing a pad :
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