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Quote: Originally Posted by Caneel My DS is almost four and I also need advice on the same subject. Last night the twitching, singing, kicking (as in moving his feet around in the air) singing and talking went on for well over an hour. Sometimes it goes on for two hours. DD is 5 and what I sometimes do, when I know she is sleepy, but won't sleep for me, is tell her I am very sleepy too, and want to get to bed as well, but need to bathe/brush...
Quote: Originally Posted by choli That little girl wasn't kidnapped and murdered because her parents let her walk home from school alone, she was murdered because an evil person wanted to murder. That's the problem with what-ifs. Somewhere a child got killed in a car accident on the way home from school, and some parents are wondering why they didn't just let him walk that day.
Quote: Originally Posted by dotnetdiva Later this month, she can't wait to cover "early humans", she talks about it all the time. Then, we'll watch Walking With Cavemen. (I just got walking with Cavemen ) If you haven't yet, preview it first, the first episode is pretty intense, with the death of a mother (Lucy). Might be hard on little kids.
precisely the items I am looking at.
oooh thank you thank you!! My brother showed me that site last year and then we both lost the link.
Dotnetdiva your blog is amazing! And very inspiring, I think that part of my problem is that i have not taken any sort of systematic approach to it. I need to work on that. And umbrella, that book looks really good. Amazon says it's an audiobook. Is it really? The reviews don't seem to mention it, and they talk about art style and so on.
Does anyone have suggestions for good resources for teaching evolution to a 5 year old? DD is interested in learning more about evolution, but I am having a hard time explaining things properly at her level (probably because we have not really touched on concepts of genetics and inheritance yet). And of course there is the difficulty of explaining the geological time scale to a child who can't quite fathom months yet : I have looked though and bought a few books on...
I don't think it is important as a pre-reading skill. DD learned her letter sounds first (before 3, because she was interested) and was sounding out basic CVC words long before she learned the alphabet (she was well into 4 when she learned it, and it was from that PBS show SuperWhy). As someone said, it's useful for alphabetizing and so on. I don't think it plays a role in learning to read. In some ways learning the letter names instead of the sounds might even be...
when DD first started eating apple, I would cube it and freeze the leftovers. The frozen apple was yummy, and soft (and nice on the gums when she was teething).
Quote: Originally Posted by Periwinkle I need a refresher. I know the basics and for example would not say "you can give that book to Jeff and I" (should be "Jeff and me")and know to avoid using "I" just to sound smart when you're in fact using it wrong. BUT... on the trickier sentences I think I need a refresher course. For example, what about these sentences.... are they correct or not? If there was anybody who should have avoided that picnic,...
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