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sota hijacking here, but does anyone know why there are all these new I'm blogging, read my blog icons if we can't link any more?
DD (5.33 ) still nurses a bit. She knows that most children her age don't nurse, but she is not the least embarrassed.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1littlebit are you serious? i had originally thought they did but i swear the sign said they didnt. it said the mother and baby both eat bugs! some mammals start eating solids pretty soon after birth, but they will still nurse as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1littlebit there was an anteater at the national zoo who had her baby a few months ago.. we were there a couple of weeks ago and she was carrying her little one on her back. so at least they still get to be together.. even though ant eaters don't nurse! umm, yeah they do, they're mammals.
I'm pretty sure Dora is supposed to be 5 and Diego 8. But I'm not sure where I got that idea from. OK, TV.com says Diego is 8. No info on Dora though. And the wiki articles don't seem that well written.
At that age, it is often possible to plan trips around naps. My DD hated the car seat at that age, and I would often nurse her to sleep just before setting off, and just stopping at the nearest parking lot or whatever and nursing her back down if she woke en route. And just try to avoid non-essential trips for a while, at this age things change all the time, so in a couple seeks things might be totally different. I think bending over the seat to nurse, while the car is...
I was curious to see it, so I logged out, then logged back in and I could see it, but the next time I came back it was back to the old format (which I as glad for cause I don't like the new look ). I'm using firefox.
Some perspective. The article is badly written. The child went to clinic (a public health system where children are seen roughly routinely for the first year (like well baby visits), the first visit is usually at 6 weeks, the 2nd at 3 months, they see a doctor briefly, but the majority of the time is spent with nurses and the District Health Officer, the mother did not expect her to be vaxxed since she was only 2 months. The second part, where the mother woke and...
Quote: Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma I don't know what the medical community is like in Trinidad, but if this had happened in the US, we all know perfectly well that they are slanted *against* bedsharing and in favor of vaccinations. There might be some brief advertising campaign but bed sharing is often for economic reasons as much as anything else. And convenience, with a small baby of course. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Starfall does a pretty good intro to the basic rules of long and short vowels and r-controlled vowels, not sure if they cover the -all thing though. I think a teacher book on phonics would be your best bet on understanding the rules.
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