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I know a backless booster is the best option. But in the situations where it would arise, it would not be possible (e.g. getting a lift from somewhere when I ended up with more load that I expected). It's not the sort of thing you can toss in your bag to have when you need it. And it is just not something seen as a priority here. I will try the sitting close to the clip thing.
Let me preface this by saying that where I live there are NO carseat laws and no backseat seatbelt laws. Carseats are generally considered luxury items, for the rich and overprotective. I am committed to using a car seat, I recently imported a Nautilus from the US so that I could keep DD (5 years old) harnessed longer. They aren't available here. On rare occasions she has to take (short) rides in other people's cars. I make sure she uses the seatbelt on these...
I saw the tittle and was trying to figure out what new acronym this was... stay at work parents... nah that made no sense, some new curriculum? then I clicked
I read the question aloud, and my 5 year old immediately piped up "Oh yes, of course they do. Non-stop. All the time. All 5 year olds do, all kids actually, even when they aren't five. They never stop. Not ever. The only spell to stop them is when their mother gets angry. Not pretend angry, only real angry work....." I think a) she was trying to make a point and b) she has an awesome sense of humour!
I always found that a new prescription took some getting used to. If your old one is off a bit, your eyes are used to compensating for that, and, for me, it always took a couple hours or so to get used to the new glasses. If, after a few days of the new glasses, it still bothers you, then something is definitely wrong, but you need to give yourself a chance to get used to the new glasses first. The optometrist's unwillingness to give you straight answers regarding prices...
Pandora doesn't work outside the US (maybe UK too?) and last.fm, which used to be great now makes people outside the US pay : that XFM station iris linked is great though, but a radio station, not responsive like pandora.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrsfrenchy It really is faster overall even if you have kids. It just doesn't seem like it and it's a PITA for us. umm, it might be faster, if I was willing to let my 5 year old board by herself, if she would do that without having a huge fit. But sometimes speed is not the only priority. and the melting down kid who thinks her mother is leaving her is not going to help efficiency one bit. Nor is the toddler who...
It's an umlaut if it's German (maybe other European languages?) in which case it modifies the sound the vowel makes (but I don't think there is any e with an umlaut in German). I guess it's a diaeresis it its purpose is to make the two vowels be pronounced separately.
See, that's where I would get very PA about things. Just shaking my head at the long line and saying (loudly) to DD, "I don't know why they don't let us preboard any more. If only we could have preboarded that would have saved all this trouble."
is it there all the time, or only after nursing for a while? DD had that, I think it's fairly common, it never seemed to irritate her, and it went away after a while. I think I would sometimes put a bit of lansinoh on it (since I had it anyway) but I didn't really do anything special.
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