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can you readily get block ice where you are? If so you can have small icebox and have an option on the rare occasions when you really want to keep something cold.
I love the site, but is there any way of sorting through them? by theme or age level or something? All I can find is an author name index.
my favourite http://www.nymbler.com/nymbler/ oops didn't realise this was a DDC thread : ahh well, sure you won't mind
cool, i didn't notice the drunk option
Am I the only one who sees that? Up at the top, right under your PM information? Can others see your mood too? Is this the bright and shiny from the update ?? eta ooh!, I see it - my mood is there next to me!!!!!!!! *and don't tell me this goes in Q&S - it is pure fluff!*
well, there are no new threads, but the participants are often new, and the learning experience that comes out of some of the more uncomfortable threads affects new people each time. And this thread tends to crop up after every cycle of intense threads
I see. It just seems like the sort of thing that should have an icon on it.
OK, it doesn't copy : but if you look up at the top, before Avatar MIA it says reload this page, underlined (hyperlink I assume)
one more thing: thiere was probably some sort of icon here before, at the top of the page, it now says reload this page. Quote: MotheringDotCommune Forums > Welcome to the Motheringdotcommune > Questions and Suggestions Avatar M.I.A.
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster If they want to control his urges they are cutting off the wrong part :. yeah, a far more effective way of reducing masturbation would be to cut off their hands.
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