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No point in checking for celiacs. I've been gf for nearly her whole life (I olast had any in May) and she has been grain free her whole life. I'm just looking for ideas on how to make it easier for her. I have no idea what to expect. Thanks for the wearning about the GA reaction. That is good to know. I don't respond well to ga and usually feel terrible for days afterward.
I've made peace with doing the scope. Now if i could just convince the hospital staff that forcing my young toddler to go 9 hours without food or drink isn't a good idea I would feel even better about it. So frustrating! Breastmilk absorbs in 90 min or less. A dehydrated toddler is going to be hard to get a vein on (she isn't easy to stick anyhow.) Why does this make any sense? The kicker is that the hospitals own website says bm 3 hours before and clear fluids 2...
My 21 month old DD is getting an upper GI scope with biopsies taken for suspected EE next Tuesday. I haven't been through this before and was wondering if any btdt mamas had any tips for me. It does involve general anesthesia for about 15 min. Thanks.
She is doing better on boiled meat and veggies but I think I'm gonna crack. I think her molars are on the move too. Makes it hard to tell what the real issue is. She went to the allergist today and got spt for 45 foods. She tested +1 to carrot, flounder and hazelnuts and +2 to celery. Allergist thought they were probably all false positives. Still avoiding cod since she had a clear ana reaction to that one. (forgot to get an action plan for what to do if...
It's been a couple of weeks since I updated this. The new med isn't working for dd so I called the GI and they scheduled a scope for Dec 8th. I started gaps that same day (about 10 days ago) and am seeing improvement in dd but I can't seem to progress beyond the intro diet for her. So it is all boiled meat and veggies for us right now. I'm not sure if we will do the scope and if we do and she is found to have ee what to do about the formula recommendation. I...
Good idea on the garlic. I'll go take a couple of cloves. About to do another hot steamy bath. I do use the shower and heater and make the bathroom like a sauna. Thanks!
My toddler has had a bad cough since Sat. Monday and tuesday she ran a very high fever but seems to be feeling much better now. However her chest now rattles when she breathes. I'm afraid that if I take her to the Dr now (out of town visiting family) she will be put on abx and she has a horrible time with yeast. (currently on diflucan, yet still has yeast rash on body) I'm also afraid to wait too long and have her end up with pneumonia. I'm not sure what else...
ASusan- we trialed dairy not too long ago. Day one was great and she slept better than normal that night. I got really excited and started planning what cheesecake to get first. Then day 2 was terrible and it took a long time to work out of her system. Just be prepared that you may not see the reaction the first day. She reacted immediately to eating cheese on the second day of our trial so I didn't have to guess what caused it.
GI appointment today. We're trying a new ppi to see if that helps and doesn't provoke yeast. We'll give it a month and if she is still having issues scope. If she has EE upon scope they will want me to put her on an elemental formula. I cried most of the way home. The other options are h.pylori (unlikely) reflux that is hard to control or that yeast in the esophogus is causing the pain when the ppi is in her system.
Pat- I'm currently awaiting my constitutional. (Did the work up earlier this week via phone.). Not sure if it would be possible to do a toddler over the phone. The wap nutritionist we were seeing suggested I try tcm with dd at my appointment on Monday. I know a tcm practioner who is excelent with children. I plan to call her soon.
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