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I would be eyeing the bacon just like that if only there was some in my house. Soooo hungry.
I'm not yet a parent but I thought I would reply and say that if all the girls were comfortable taking a shower together then I do not see a problem, however, if they anyone was their comfort should have been respected. When I was that age I would take showers with my best friend, we did it because we were often in a hurry to get somewhere (soccer practice, dance, etc.). We continued to take showers together through high school and still do sometimes if it happens to be...
OK now my story about this vaccine, take it for whatever you think it's worth because it is likely we will never be able to prove anything. When I was 17ish and my sister was about 14 we both got this vaccine after the first injection my sister began having very irregular periods and by the time we finished the last of the injections my little sister had stopped having them completely. Of course this took awhile to happen because it took us almost a year to finish the...
Just wanted to say that I left a guy who did some of these same things and shifted blame to me the way your husband seems to be doing and I have to say it was the BEST decision I ever made. Sure it was a rough year long breakup involving threats and stalking and all types of horrible things but with some wonderful support it is all over and I am the happiest I have ever been. I am sure you will make the decision that is best for you in your situation but just remember...
Okay, disclosure: I don't have children, so take my opinion with that in mind.    I am very "pro-gina" (I gotta use that phrase more) also and think that if I had a daughter I would do my best to raise her without vulva/vagine shame (I mean I have a beautiful painting of a vulva hanging in the living room). Once she was old enough, however, to have a conversation about what society considers appropriate behavior and why it is considered appropriate I would want to...
Start with hormone testing definitely, it was only with hormone testing that I was able to find the right hormonal birth control for myself. 
Ohh I hadn't thought about this... and I have dogs that love to eat all sorts of veggies especially if I am eating them already.
I am so sorry for your loss, you should definitely talk about it with your DH if you want to.
I agree with that, especially if you have a somewhat sheltered place you could put the pots for the winter.
Your dolls are adorable Veelana.
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