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Adorable, I have to learn how to make these.
Very cool, made me think of my mom who loves The Wizard of Oz.
I am inspired by other people's paintings definitely, but also by the beautiful flowers I see outside or the shapes of the clouds. I prefer to paint really large murals on walls though so I only get to do that rarely and when I do I have plenty of ideas to draw from.
I have no idea but thought I would say hi since I sorta do some woodworking. My dad was really into woodworking when I was growing up and I still do some sometimes. 
Just another suggestions since you mentioned waking up with terrible allergy symptoms, I always take a benadryl before I go to bed during bad allergy times, I know it seems like a lot on top of daily zyrtec but I find that it helps me to not wake up with severe allergy symptoms. I also try really hard to keep the area I sleep in clean and free from clutter that could collect allergens. I know that isn't always feasible but I have found that it helps.
I'm very prone to allergic skin reactions and I found that just simple calamine lotion really works best for me. I tried all sorts of other stuff including tea tree oil (which it turns out I am really allergic to) but it seems that simple calamine is best. Of course everyone is different and you might want to see a doctor to make sure it isn't an allergic reaction that has gotten infected.
Didn't want to read and not reply. I am thinking about you and wishing you and your family strength as your journey continues.
I just saw this in new posts and wanted to say welcome to Bloomington (I live there too) :-)
Personally I really like this website: http://www.scarleteen.com/ 
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