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i had a good experience in lewistown.  i think a lot depends on the hospital and on the particular midwife.  
i have the green cotton mattress and wool topper from white lotus.  i have to say it's not nearly as comfortable as my old serta but i sleep better knowing that it's chemical free.  i eventually want to get latex topper to try between the mattress and the wool to see if that helps.  i had no problems with the company but it took a loooong time to get our mattresses.  if you are on the mailing list you'll see that the company has sales all the time.  i ordered ours on...
  madame zaritska didn't do so hot here...  all she got right was a short labor, girl and brown hair :P    
  bored tonight so i thought i'd look this thread up... i really thought she'd be smaller than dd1 but she ended up being a pretty big baby!  
  i wonder about this with myself... nursing is going well but i find it pretty uncomfortable most of the time.  part of it is that carys doesn't always like to open her mouth real wide so we don't always have a perfect latch.  but my nipples are sorest after loooong nursing sessions even when there is no damage.  i vaguely remember feeling like this with dd1 although i also dealt with cracked and bleeding nipples with her.  i'm hoping in the next few weeks my nipples...
beautiful story!  congrats!
after i had the twins last year, i started bleeding again after about two months... it started very light and over the course of a few weeks became heavier and heavier.  for some reason i didn't make an appointment to get it checked out for several weeks but when finally did they the most likely cause seemed to be hormonal... i think they did blood work to rule out a thyroid problem and i did get scheduled for an ultrasound the following day to rule out any retained...
Carys - 1 week :)
i'm so, so sorry cerise.  you're story is beautifully written.  thanks for sharing.  you and you're family are in my thoughts...
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