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Try Organics Physician Formula tinited moisturizer. It works well and fairly good ingredients for the price. Rite Aid has a buy one get one free deal now. Good luck!
Did you have any blood tests done? Did you go to the hospital after you realized you may have been drugged and raped? Was a rape kit used....all this will help subtantiate that you believed you were drugged and raped. I believe you, but it pretty obvious the DA feels the case is weak which is why she is not pursuing. Who was the detective working the case? Has he interviewed you? He could be your best friend in a situation like this. If he feels it is a strong...
I have never owned a cedar home...but it would seem to me that they require lots of upkeep. I love the look and that 70's style of the cedar homes in East Cobb (Atlanta)...however, I am looking for little upkeep... Anyone have any experience or knowledge they would like to share? Thanks
I don't know specifics about your situation but if you qualify as disabled then you can get Medicare Part D which is a prescription drug plan or if you are considered to have financial need based on your states guidelines then you can also qualify for Medicare Part D. The only other suggestion is to find a job p/t with benefits they are still out there!
I have bad acne scars and I need a mineral makeup with good coverage. I have been using Bare Essentials but Every Day minerals is cheaper...does it give good coverage? I have also heard that EveryDay is having tons of problems with back orders and consistent matching colors? Any input would be appreciated!
I use Juice Organics spf 30. I got it at Ulta and it works as a moisturizer for under my makeup and it is a sunscreen. I love it!
I live in Atlanta and I think I know which ped you are talking about because she is my ped! We never discussed vaccines so I have no idea what her stance is. All I know is that she respects my decision. Honestly, though you will be hard press to find a pediatrician who will admit there is any problems with vaccines. I mean think about it...this is her livelihood and she spent many years in medical school and building her practice. As a parent I never tell my...
I think it is called NaturCare and it is from Italy. If I get more information I will come back and post, but I have used it and it leaves my hair soft and covers my gray. It is also easy to use!
This sounds like my ds. He was diagnosed with RAD (reactive airway disease) which is a form of asthma. He also had tons of allergies that included dairy and soy,etc. He had eczema and had nasty colds, etc. I unfortunately vaccinated him which I believe made things worse (that is when the symptoms started) However, I breastfed him for 2.5yrs which I believed help. The other things I do is give him daily multivitamins and he eats mostly healthy, organic, food. He...
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