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I tried for over 3 years and experienced a miscarriage before finally getting pregnant with my daughter.  THEN I had severe preeclampsia, which led to a very traumatic induction of labor, and my daughter was born at 33 weeks gestation, in the operating room.  My daughter will be 4 in March, and I have only just now gotten over the fear of trying again.     What is on my list: Find a hospital I love with a Level IIIC NICU just in case of another emergency.  (We have...
My DD has a stuffed bunny thats been in her crib since she was a newborn.  She has always loved it.  I'm not sure when the lovey attachment formed, but it was early - She was barely a year old when she started dragging it everywhere. 
We're the same as Carmel23 - All our books are in tightly so it takes some effort to take them out.  Our DVD's live in our office which is off limits to little hands.  I got very very very very tired of picking up the DVD's every day, it may not seem like a big deal to some, but we have over 500 DVD's, and the shelf is only 4 feet tall, and my DD can reach about 3/4 of the way up.  It was a LOT to put away every day, and it got very old, so I feel your frustration. 
We had the paci at just bedtime and one night we forgot it...And so did she.  The next night, we didn't offer it, and she didn't ask for it.  Had she asked for it either the night we forgot it or the next night, we would have given it back.  I think it was just a happy coincidence, and total proof positive that they will forget it when they are ready.  I wouldn't stress about it, and your DS may need the comfort of it when the new baby comes. 
Redirection is what I use most.  Try to find an outlet for the "bad" behavior.  As far as the highchair thing, I would just remove her to the floor and tell her that she would be welcome to come back to the table when she wants to sit, and if she wants to stand, she can stand on the floor.  The issue I am having right now is spitting...   Toddlers are SO fun aren't they!!  :-)  Hang in there...It won't be this way forever. 
I'm sorry I have no advice, but I understand how you feel.  Hang in there sweetie...
You are a wonderful friend.  I don't know much about the Ronald McDonald House since our house was 10 mins away from the hospital, but perhaps laundry service?  Since you are so close, it would be helpful for her not to have to use a laundromat or public washers in the RMDH if they have laundry.  Others have offered great suggestions, and your support is amazing, and she will remember it forever. 
Mommies I need help...My DD has started this new thing where she takes a sip of whatever she is drinking and SPITS IT OUT. She could be at the dinner table, or sipping water from her cup in the living room, and she randomly spits it anywhere and everywhere. She thinks it's absolutely hilarious and I think it's just disgusting.  I have tried teaching her about spitting into the sink to give her an "outlet" for her spitting needs, but it doesn't help - She uses the sink...
My daughter is 2.5 years old.  She has started giving up her naps some days per week.  Her regular "naptime" is anywhere from 2-5PM (could be 3-5, could be 2-4, could be 2-5).  Normal bedtime is 8:00PM.  On the days she doesn't nap, I put her to bed up to an hour before normal bedtime, based upon behavior and whether or not she is looking or acting tired.  Sometimes she is good to go til 8:00, and sometimes not. 
When my DD is being a pain about brushing, (she is 2.5) I ask her if she wants to do it.  She usually says yes.  I let her hold the toothbrush, and I put my hand over hers and we do brushing together - Granted, probably not as well a job as if I had done it myself.  Doing a half job one night a week is not going to ruin her dental health, and it's more important to keep the consistency and routine, as well as teach proper brushing methods to her, so this method works for...
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