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2 toys 1 water bottle Donated 1 swimsuit sold $20 1 bag of previously "nonrecyclable" plastics, now recyclable :yay = 4 items, $20 made 196/2014, $151 selling total
I've never done it before! If (big if) I get close to that far I will have to think of something good! Maybe my natibaby wrap I've been drooling over...
Donate: 11 (!) pairs of nylons/trouser socks/toe sock 1 pr shoes 1 massive dictionary 1 thermos 1 shower curtain 27 books 3 items borrowed, returned 1 used French workbook, recycled =45 =192/2012
off to a slow start, but i had a baby in january, so i'm giving myself a little grace ;)  -- i am proud though that i am giving up recreational spending for lent. i've never given anything up for lent, but i thought this was the perfect time, since i'm on very limited income with maternity leave, and it gives me renewed focus on getting my stuff up for sale!   7 bags of bags brought to recycling center (finally!) 1 wrap sold = $95     = 146/2014, $131
5 baby gift items returned for things I would actually use =154/2014
11 more items to my nephew   =149/2014 gone
12 items of clothing to my nephew 1 baby item returned for something we would use   1 sweater to the donation pile   =138 gone
I suck at painless, other than I do keep "sell" and "Donate" bags going at all times. Oh I also keep a basket at the door to collect shoes so they're out of the way before they get redistributed to appropriate bedrooms
Ha, check out my siggy! I will be here forever too... such a long way to go, not ever to minimalist but to streamlined.
Hi folks! I'm still around too, though not frequently. Home with a sick boy today, hope baby stays healthy. I don't think I ever shared a pic.... Ava Estelle is already a month old!!! [IMG
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