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added to donation bag: 1 hair tie 1 mismatched hangar 1 hat 1 sweatshirt 1 bridesmaids dress 1 shirt   =6 more (+118=124/2014)
last minute baby nesting...   about 30 pieces of maternity items (they were out the door before i could count!) given to my sister 3 cataloges recycled 1 pen tossed   outgrown boy clothes packed up for my nephew: 5 pairs pjs 4 pants 1 sweatshirt 1 pr shorts 3 shirts 1 pr slippers 2 pr shoes   donation bag: 1 track pants i haven't worn since high school (15 years... yikes) 2 pr running shorts (haha, yeah right i'd wear them again) 1 thermal shirt that...
7 pairs of shoes - donation pile 10 pieces of plastics that my city doesn't recycle, brought to work for recycling   17 more today = 50/2014
did you buy the links that way, the spirals?  Or did you curl each of them?  So impressed :)
 I got mine done in two sittings, one for stringing the beads and the other for adding the links... maybe 3 hours total?  But it was my first time too and I kept dropping things and leaning over with the big belly is a slooooowww process lol.
Amazingly, moving after 10 years in one place didn't get me to 2013!   But then again, I didn't actually sort through half the boxes sitting in my basement either (eek!).  Pregnancy really distracted me!   So far this year: 20 or so items given to my nephew 1 towel thrown out 4 diapers sold ($36) 5 fruit pouches my son hated given to my sister's kids 1 bra to the donate pile 2 scarves to the donate pile   = 33 items/2014; $36 made
My first was med-free with (the devil) pitocin. This time I'm going to birth center that doesn't offer pain meds. Med-free for me is not a "prove it" thing, I know I can. And honestly, I wish I had had fewer medical interventions with my first. Interventions tends to snowball into further interventions, and for me that meant a horribly painful recovery. I'm hoping to have a pain-limited recovery by having the least amount of interventions possible.
Just got mine finished this morning.... nothing like last min
Donated: 1 pair shoes 3 hair products I never use 2 hangars 1 hat 1 magazine rack 1 photo album 1 photo frame 3 maternity items sold on eBay =$60! 1205+13=1218 items gone $396+60=$456 made
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