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Family friends of mine (small town living) both divorced and remarried in their late 40s... she had 4 kids, he had 2, all of them were out of the house by the time of parents' divorces tho.    Also, i would say if he has his own kids, he'd maybe be more ok with being seriously about a woman with kids because the transition wouldn't be bachelor to dad of many... then again, who knows who you will find!!
i do absolutely.  before my stbx and i separated, we spent about a year and a half battling heartbreaking infertility, then about another 6 months of ntnp before we finally ended our ttc altogether.  my son is almost 4 and i cannot even tell you how it breaks my heart to think i may not have another child.  it's a deep deep yearning for me.  just a few weeks ago i decided if i still have no prospects for a partner in 5 years or so (my 36th birthday) i will pursue...
Sending you hugs mama.  In some ways I am in your same position (my son scared of dad, same reasons, no physical abuse; didn't want to see dad; both son and I being much happier and at peace without dad in the house), so I know in some ways what you are going through.  Such a sad time and I'm so sorry you are going through this.  Nothing but love to send you
I just hate throwing away (recycling) things that i could use somewhere else, but i seem to keep around a lot of shoeboxes meaning to do something with them until i get frustrated by their empty presence so i toss them... what do you use them for?
in the middle of a cleaning spree for my son's birthday party coming up in a couple weeks:   8 items of clothing added to the sell and donate piles 5 items tossed 17 items given to my sister for her new baby (on his way... maybe tonight!) an old shoe box recycled 3 plastic hangers recycled huge pile of papers recycled 17 magazines headed to an office waiting room :) 2 expired meds thrown away     = 439
ebay has been only iffy for me (doing it right now), my last yard sale was a disaster... hours and hours of work for a measley $28. yuck!  haven't done consignment, but i'm in the same boat as you with needing the money in addition to the de-stashing.  I'm hoping ebay picks up for me!
no advice, only hugs, i cannot imagine what my stbx would say if (when?) i were ever to get pregnant again in the future. if i were you i would tell him, i cant imagine hed want to hear it from someone else... then again, depends on your current relationship... ugh, sticky situation for sure.  again, hugs to you!
sooooooo agree!     and to both of you guys, how is it going to have cooperative relationships with your ex'es?  This is what i would most like, and 6 months in, this is what we have now, but i've been getting flack from others about still being "emotionally married" because we still support each other... i want to argue why can't we be friends?     
wow, so many pages of happy things to read! THANKS LADIES! and for me, so encouraging to see so many signatures from the first pages having new relationships and new babies in their lives now years later...     amen. no student loan creditors calling, no more notices that car insurance has been cancelled, no more traffic tickets for my tabs being expired because he forgot to put them on (and would get mad at me for asking to do it myself), no more being yelled at for...
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