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Any updates? I don't want to miss my cue :-) can't wait to see how these turn out :-)
@verarae: so cute and love your wall color! :-)
Also feeling huge here! I bet ive grown inches in the past 2 weeks ... 27w3d Helloooooo belly lol
I feel like I'm only craving what I can't eat. I don't even like hot dogs normally but my mouth waters at the thought. And food #1 I'm eating post baby is salmon sushi. O.m.g. I cannot wait!!!!!
Its been awhile since I've peeked at this thread, and I've found out its a girl.... so the name things hot on my mind right now! Funny I had just been mulling Eden and Elise around in my mind and you all are thinking of them too! My gosh naming is hard! Every time I think its settled, I find a reason to talk myself out of it.....
Oooooo pics? I'm thinking boots are going to be the one thing to help me feel non-frumpy this time!
I found a pair on a swap site, gap brand... but I tried on some of my non maternity leggings and there is no difference to me as both can fit under belly. So I decided I'm not spending the dough on the maternity!I also found a pinterest site for making pants into skinny pants, so I modified one pair of maternity jeans so far. I think there's probably a site that shows how to make regular pants into maternity by cutting off the top seam and replacing it with stretchy...
I've been ebaying with a lot of luck, but my normal thrift store trips have left me mostly empty handed. I think I'm gonna just go with really minimal numbers, as I'm home 3 days a week, get one casual jean day at work, which leaves me with 3 days of dress-dress, which is what's left me stumped. I have literally 1 pair of non jean pants that aren't summer-weight. I usually live in wool pants during winter but these have been near impossible to find. I typically think I...
5 magazines, recycled 14 old textbooks (made a whopping $4.... man textbook makers rake in the dough!) 5 maternity items sold on eBay ($13 netted after shipping) 24 items today, $17 added
I'm admittedly not minimalist when it comes to clothes, but knowing this could be my last pregnancy and seeing how little of my former maternity wardrobe I can wear this time around (wrong season or not my taste at all anymore), I'm hoping not to break the bank to clothe myself for the next 17 weeks. Wondering what I should invest in.... going for cute and warm (northern cold winter ahead here). I've got my jeans situation settled, a couple skinny, a couple bootleg....
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