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7items of clothing 1 pair shoes 1 book (ds's sole contribution to the pile.... slowly but surely ;-) ) 1 bag noodles given away =10 more for 1134 total!
22w1d pic taken sat with super excited big brother to be :-) finally feeling cute pg not just wide waist pg
Whoa! I never posted here lol. Jan 10, baby #2, was updating to say just found out its a girl!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Yay i figured out how to post a pic fr9m my phone! This is me at 18 weeks. Im 21w5d now. Time for a new pic!
I have no idea!  Maybe we should plan on purchasing and mailing them to you by October so they can be mailed back to us in November?  Hopefully that would ensure everyone gets them before any babies decide to come early?   I would also love to add a little birth/strength note to everyone... like collective encouragement messages we could send with the beads?  I'm feeling like I could use some positive messages to read (and see with the necklace) in the weeks leading up...
U/s on the 30th... cant believe its that time already! But im loving all the little baby kicks. Feels awesome esprcislly after believing i may never have the chance to experience it again
Id love this!
Yes cdc recommends 35 weeks or so.... didnt matter when i mentioned that. Sigh.
1 fireplace log holder 1 fan 6 cookbooks 10 items of clothing 1 scarf 2 bras 1 hat 1 graduation robe collar thing 1 pair socks =24 today + 1091=1115/2013 Adding: 3 thermal shirts 2 pairs PJs 3 swimsuits 1 tank =1124/2013
I may be changing to a birthing center... if I get this new job (should be hearing soon) I will have insurance that covers the center. Currently this midwife group (attached to a hospital) is the most natural-friendly place my insurance will cover. Unfortunately being single-income limits my out of pocket options. If I switch to the birth center, I believe they don't even have the option to give antibiotics... I don't know if me testing + for gbs makes me a non candidate...
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