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Hahaha! Yes, flashing always works. I can't change my shirt with out kids catching a glimpse and wanting in on the boobs or DH for that matter, but that's another story
Just came here to post my situation and found this thread instead. Similar situation here, almost identical to Tanyato but a day and a half shorter. I nurse dd on demand and she's 18 months now. Leaving in July for 3 1/2 days. She doesn't take a bottle, never has. I know she'll be fine nutritionally, I just worry about her quitting in that time. I should add that I tandem nurse my almost 4 year old. He nurses once a day, first thing in the morning, and I will be surprised...
Tearing up as I read this. Thanks for sharing.
Are they always numb? Because at times I'll look down and see that DD is pinching my nipple while she nurses on the other side and I absolutely can't feel it....but other times the sensitivity returns. I figure it was natures way of keeping us from going crazy from having kids hanging from out boobs all the time:) but maybe yours is more extreme numbness?
Thanks for your responses...maybe that's what we've got. That would be great, actually, considering we're already working our way through it...
Hi, trying to figure out what we've got going on. Fever (ds age 3 as high as 104.7. Mine as high as 102, but I've been popping ibuprofen and tylenol for 3 days. Dd age 15 months, I'm not sure. She's on day one and I've been keeping her comfortable because I know how rough this thing is). Body aches. headache. i've got 3 days of very painful sore throat and counting. Feel like its doing something to my ears now? I look up viruses other than the flu and they all seem to be...
I had my first baby at the UCSDbirth center and had an excellent experience. To tpase(I know this is an old post, but this may be helpful if someone is searching for info) you can request not to have students involved in you care. You can request that a student never touch you. I'm pretty sure you can request to not even have students present at all. Also, I saw a couple of different midwives during my prenatal care as well but saw it as a positive because you had a chance...
Oh my goodness, I seriously love this photo so much!
Forgot to say why I love it... Its the perfect firmness. Plenty firm for cosleeping, but not too firm. It comes in 3 3inch layers and you choose the firmness of all three and then you can move them around and find what works for you. Can't say enough about this mattress..unless a person has a latex allergy in which case., no good.  
We have a chemical-free natural latex mattress, California king, and I am madly in love with it. Couldn't be happier. We've got dd in bed with us and she's almost 3 mos, and after 5 am DS (27 mos) is in there too and I couldn't ask for a more perfect bed. My husband and I say, out loud, several times a week as we climb in, "I love this bed!"  
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