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Very true. We're staying at a resort :)
For those of you that selectively vaccinate, which ones would you make sure your child have if you were traveling to Mexico? Just curious, we're still doing research. Our 2.5 year old had all her vax up until 9 months of age when I put a stop to them to finish my research.    TIA
Check out www.briobirth.com  - I just certified with them and the curriculum is awesome, very comprehensive. There are quite a few teachers in your area I believe. :) 
Seconding Treehouse Pediatrics. We go to Dr Travis and he has been EXCELLENT. Never any vaccine pressure, very BF and AP friendly. Seen other docs there too and they are all great. 
Laurie Fremgen!! Attended a birth with her recently and she was very hands off and calm. It was beautiful. 
I told my friend "oh just put that baby in daycare and get back to your life already!" 
Oh my good lord. My husband works 14 hours a day in a physical labor job and he GLADLY comes home and finishes baths and pajamas, homework, all of it. There's no way I could do it without him and stay sane.    I agree that you need to TELL HIM you're getting a break and LEAVE. It's ridiculous for him to think that you will put up with that. He's the one with a HUGE problem, not you. 
I am watching this unfold too. I'm still a provie working on my final and I already know about how Jay can be, he's personally replied to me on the message board saying I was attacking them because I expressed frustration about the lack of communication - as in 2 unanswered emails and several calls and messages for weeks, on two different occasions. Before that happened I may not have believed some of these teachers who said they were kicked out for unfair reasons. It...
With a momma in labor, she's almost 42 weeks and facing induction tomorrow morning. Her water broke yesterday at 3pm, no exams. Contractions are coming, but not strong and varying 3-10 mins apart. Any advice? she does not want to go to the hospital tomorrow morning for Pit.
New Posts  All Forums: