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Why would a closed adoption cost more than an open one? Plus, how much more $$$ are we talking about? Is it thousands of dollars more or only a couple of hundred?
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie I think that cost of hiring an Indian surrogate might be comparable to IVF. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...279407832.html Its funny you bring up this article Smithie. I'm seriously considering going to Thailand, the Czech Republic, or India for embryo donation because the wait time here is very long or expensive. The wait list at the clinic I'm with is about 18 and growing! If I go with an...
If you don't mind me asking, how old are both of you guys? If I were in your shoes and I had enough money, I would try IVF. Yes, its expensive, but if you have the money, the success rates are much higher. I personally think your spending way too much time and money trying low cost proceedures that aren't working for you. If your 35 and older, then your chances of getting pregnant are much slimmer as each month passes by.
Photography is one of my hobbies and I love using Photoshop Elements for editing all my photos. I also use Adobe Lightroom on occasions because I can change the light and texture of my photos very quickly.
GIRLS Angelica Marina BOYS Santiago Luis
Quote: Originally Posted by TropicalGirl HAve you looked into getting a surrogate? Sorry, I have been very busy in the past two weeks to answer your question. Anyways, I didn't really consider using a surrogate because I have a functioning uterus - the RE just thinks my egg quality is whats really keeping me from concieving. Plus, I have PCOS which can increase my chances of misscarriages. I'm also in my late 30s and egg quality diminishes...
I knew one person who was experiencing shaking/shivering symptoms while on clomid too so maybe its fairly normal. I personally had no symptoms and felt great.
phorogger: I did use two different donors when I first started and using I used clomid and injectibles but that didn't work for me. I have PCOS and my FSH is somewhat high (between 13-15 in each cycle I believe). I also had a misscarriage. My RE thinks that my chances of IUI working are slim and I should consider IVF. I'm reluctant to try IVF because its expensive (three cycles would cost me about 21K at my clinic) and I'm not promised a baby when its all said and done. I...
Hey everyone! I'm mostly a lurker on the boards but I do post occasionally in the "Queer Parenting" boards every now and then. I tried IUI four times and needless to say, it didn't work out for me. I'm considering domestic infant adoption because its the only option for me since I'm single, gay and I want a baby thats healthy as possible. Okay, now for my question! lol How common are closed adoptions and is the wait significantly longer? (I don't want to meet...
Hey everyone I'm very new to this thread. I'm trying for my first child with anonymous donor sperm. I tried 4 cycles of IUI with clomid and injectibles and now I'm waiting for donor embryos. However, the clinic I'm wait at is experiencing a backlog of families interested in embryo donation so the wait is currently about 18 months! I'm probably going to do IVF in the late winter or spring in a different country because its much cheaper.
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