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Thanks, if things don't work out for the HBAC (I have a few issues that may knock me  out of the ring so to speak) I will deff. look into them.  
Let me know if you find anyone you like. I live in Jefferson Co. WV, and had an awful c-secction at City Hospital. I'm going to be consulting with a wonderful midwife in a few weeks about an HBAC, but I still have some concerns that a hosp. VBAC may be a better option. Best of luck to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma From the BMJ page... More than half of these mothers were smokers. Research on safe bedsharing has consistently shown that mothers who smoked during pregnancy should not bedshare. We know that smoking also increases risk of preterm birth and poor health in the child. Perhaps instead of blaming and shaming safe bedsharing families, we could spend more time helping women of childbearing age to stop...
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